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  1. well yeah because if i installed both HighDigitSAM and S-300 series mod the game will crash
  2. question, it seems the S-300 SAM series mod pack is conflicting with HighDigitSAM mod so why not combine them into one?
  3. uhm that's not a UH-1Y?
  4. Some of the old Rhino airframes became Blue Angels and Aggressor plane right?
  5. Where can i find the template for making skin of VSN F-4B?
  6. "images that precede unfortunate events"
  7. yay, no more tailhook, now it looks like a real serial production plane
  8. question, would you do modern Mi-24 series ? would like to see Mi-35M in DCS
  9. Sorry, i mean in good way , it's my way to express my exictement though. Surely the updated script will go well with CJS's EA-18G mod
  10. I mean the actual D version, not VSN's one
  11. about the D, i heard the IDF team are making a Legacy D version
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