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  1. Well, what they do is art. Now you need to think about it and just explain why YOU think they are really artists. Just use your imagination. Got me through college English.:P Just talk about how they have to come up with their own manuevers, compare it to other artistic endeavors like ballet and circus aerobatics. BS a lot. Helps fill the page.
  2. Well, I guess thats one use for the TGP-A2A. I've never found any other use for it.
  3. Uninstall and Re-install. I've had to do it a couple of times now. We humans always manage to screw up something eventually.:doh:
  4. Well, when most people come from Arma and BF3 and few have heard of DCS, what do you expect? I still see tons of people commenting in DCS YouTube videos going "what game is that!?". I myself just stumbled across it one day, looking to see if there was anything more modern and realistic than Falcon 4. DCS really needs some advertising.
  5. Yeah, I think their static. Over a few years on this sim, I don't think I've ever had airport defenses fire on me. Unless you populate it with defenses, its nothing.
  6. Unless its for DCS: Realistic, I don't really have an opinion.
  7. Data gloves? Don't know if they're really being produced yet. Just seen experiments.
  8. "Warning: Prolonged customer exposure to flights simulations may cause tourette syndrome." - Wags. LOL. It took me a second to get that one.:megalol: ABSOLUTELY!
  9. Ugh. Nice sale, but just say NO to Steam.
  10. Yeah, the Shark only has laser warning, and I hear its really only for strong lasers, like ranging. Beam riders may not be strong enough to light it up. Heli's were not made to go up against the better SAMs. You need to hug the earth, and ambush them from cover. Do a popup attack just at the edge of a hill, so you can scurry back behind it if you see a launch. Also remember, the vhikers are fast missiles, so if the missile is SARH, you might be able to kill the tracker before the missile can hit you. In that case, after the tracking radar is destroyed, you can just move out of the path of the missile. If its one of the larger missiles (like SA-11), get FAR out of the way, as if it detonates from proximity detection, the fragmentation field will be quite large and take you out. For the IR's, you should be able to take them out somewhat safely from the maximum range of the vhiker. I think the Avenger (IIR) has something like a 10km range? Ambush it and shoot before it can detect you. Just be sure to have nearby cover available. For manpads, they don't seem to shoot until your about 3km away. Not sure if that is realistic or not. Probably has to do with no detection except their normal vision. Just remember, from what I've read and seen in the sim, the modern IIR's seem to be very flare resistant. A-10C's pretty near the same IMO. Anti-Sam was really made for F-15, etc. with HARM missiles for maximum survivability. Best bet is too send in a SEAD flight ahead of you, if its available. I also agree, the Shark seems to be a little underequiped when it comes to missile detection and defense. While some things are new and nice, others seem down right primitive. Ironically, I think the best SAM in the game is the Igla (SA-18.) You can barely see them even with the Shkval, and realistically, they could hide anywhere in building, ditches, anywhere, and just wait for you to get close. Like silent assassins.
  11. And then there's the guys that reported black and green screens on startup. Sounds like memory leak.
  12. :) Now now guys, lets all try to be nice to each other.
  13. Saitek. I wouldn't be surprised. I think they had it in the Alien prequel movie ( can't remember the name ) as well.
  14. Hey, if it brings more people to MP, I'm for it.
  15. Hopefully not, I still like to fly it.
  16. I prefer 16th century French garb myself.
  17. Whoah! Thanks for the heads up. Don't think my machine will be able to handle that.
  18. Well, you probably speak more languages than my one. :)
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