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  1. The game P-47 take 13 minutes to heat up to the proper temp and at 900 rpm on takeoff do not just slam up full throttle and pitch hold brakes run up to top of blue halfway down max out everything and slight push forward to keep on ground until at least 120 indicated. I found this plane to be a difficult to take off in the beginning however continue to practice taking off until you get it. Remember this by the time you get to flying P-47 in the Front these fellows had like a 100 takeoff and landing. Don't be too hard on yourself.
  2. Hello ED team I love to see the improvement on B-52H AI model to me it needed to be improved never a waste of time or resources.
  3. As of two weeks ago I some how have the ability to be seen on multiplayer again unsure what changed but thank you.
  4. Unfortunately that the target's are not pixels.
  5. For me I would like to see a AI version of 1944 KI 84 they built 3400 all time and 1909 during 1944 alone. It is Japan Army aircraft with top speed around 427 MPH . I would love to see a Japanese Third party content creator. Info Per Wikipedia,
  6. I have had 128GB for almost 2 years and I have not seen very much uber running. Windows 10 AMD equipment.
  7. I have a new Virple CM3 throttle quadrant. I followed the video . I have found that DCS not seeing the flap buttons. No sure what to do... Vikbell
  8. may be it simulating the mechanic finishing loading bombs and dragging out the power cart?
  9. Hey DCS I like the new look forum thank you,
  10. Hey nineline,  So I still am having problems of other seeing my DCS world multiplayer server.   It happened two stable updates ago.   I have tried multiple time for repair.   So I now have to do what I don't want to and reinstall DCS I remember seeing a process to uninstall and reinstall  and keep certain folders can you guide me to that.   REF 




    thank you Vibell

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      Mulitiplayer    Mulitiplayer bugs

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         Well , nineline I reinstalled the game still the same no one can see me as multiplayer server.

  11. It take about 13 minutes if you close every down to warm up the engine.
  12. It is still an issue for me however I might reload the game and find out.
  13. I have had the Hornet since early access and I have seriously working this year on Air refueling. I now have two of the tanker done KC-135 MLS and S-3. I started with KC-135MLS because I heard was the hardest to do. So onward.
  14. Yes I agree with Him that mission must be in there.
  15. So it is a part of the Campaign I will continue working on AAR Thank you.
  16. Question is Air to air refueling required in the campaign? Thank you
  17. I am another who always has been host weekend from the last patch my brother said he does see my sever any more on multiple player. I did a repair and check my fire wall setting. I am not sure try next. VIKBELL
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