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  1. wow...nice skins, they look phenomenal, truly! Are they photoreal? I think they are. I'd download this mod just for the skins!
  2. wow...Great shots! Walmis' model looks fantastic, you showcase it well!
  3. During the sim, your pilot can actually be killed while in the cockpit by an explosion or gunfire. If so, you won't be able to eject and I believe you'll be stuck in external view. This applies to ALL aircraft. Perhaps you just aren't as lucky with the A10 because you're slower and always down low. ;)
  4. Actually, I think someone already created a mod very similar to this, where 2 players could share a plane online, an instructor and a observer, and he changed the model to an Su-30. Search it.
  5. LOL..that is freaking awesome. And for some reason, it ACTUALLY looks "normal" or doesn't surprise me! The hog really is just one damn hog!
  6. Disso

    Super Bug....

    ah..that's a real pity, there was much hype behind you on it! So why exactly? Just a lack of motivation to keep going? Well in that case someone else can just pick up where you left off, or maybe one day after you see a discovery channel short on the Super Bug you'll feel compelled to get going again! :)
  7. God I hate reading the comments on the blueangel flyby vid, all the ignorance and mis-information is disgusting.
  8. Still have no idea how they could possibly manage flying and keeping those under control. It's like trying to fly LOMAC and land your jet the ENTIRE way on F3 view mode..!!
  9. Wow..that is some FANTASTIC work..I didn't know you had it in you! Truly, great job! I appreciate this idea and model a lot, more than others perhaps, because I know the potential that can be done with this model. Imagine, a whole new level of missions, one in which we have to escort a CIVILIAN airliners full of passengers from being intercepted by enemy fighters and such. Just having a civilian airliners makes the LOMAC world a whole nother' world. Moreover, aside from BEING the objective in a mission, we could have these airliners simply flying around on routes across the Crimean, to help add to the immersion. Now, it isn't a matter of just locking and firing upon any target you see BVR, but now you have to actually ID your target to make sure you aren't shooting down a plane full of happy travel-goers!
  10. HOLYCRAP those are BRILLIANT shots. So crisp, clear, and well-composed. I love it. Fantastic work! Really would like to see more, keep em' coming!
  11. LMAO ice...man you are just on a roll with this huh
  12. HOLYCRAP. Guys look through the pics in his screenshot thread, jeezus, it looks almost like what ED would have came out with if they did a complete revamp of LOMAC and this was LOMAC 1.3. Just wow, the colors are so vivid, diversified, and detailed. What a complete transformation!
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