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  1. Looks like all FC3 aircraft are now clickable with this mod. Cant wait to try it out. Still has limits but a big step forward. I want to use it on the A10A
  2. Umm... maybe it has been addressed but for me left Ctrl+E shuts the engines off and restarts.
  3. I think the skill is more about response time when shooting at an aircraft. Higher the skill the faster the SAM detects locks and shoots. I also found that when the TOR is set to a higher skill setting they tend to have the ability to soot down your Mavericks or HARM missiles.
  4. I would pay for an updated map, depending on what it is. The map is much larger in game then in the mission editor. In F10 view centered on aircraft I could see lat longs clear into Poland to the west. Istanbul and Northern Turkey, The western part of the Caspian sea. Armenia as mentioned in a prior post. Moldova to the west and the missing 800lb gorilla based on current events. Yea I know the reason, been here a long time, since the Loc On days. Still, this would be a pretty hot game right now if all that was there. I know if a complete map appeared tomorrow, it would be a "Shut-up and take my money!" moment. Que the Futurama meme.
  5. Thanks to miners these cards are FINALLY available but way overpriced. I am waiting for either the prices to drop or hold out for the RTX40XX series... At first it was a joke but I may be getting serious.
  6. Libya, Lots of F14 and carrier missions here during the 1980s, as well as some during the uprising a few years back. Isn't someone working on Carriers that were in service at the time? Also I believe the A7 and A6 Intruder are on the Horizon as well. Challenge Col Muammar Gaddafi and cross his line of death! OR Evacuate Embassy personnel from Benghazi (Historical rewrite of past events) Map is 800x 500 KM mostly desert and coastal cities. Stretch the map a little bit more north and you can maybe grab an airbase or two in southern Italy/ Sicily, Malta. F14, F18 vs Mig-23, Mig-25 With a land base you can include other blue non naval planes. With only 2 or 3 major cities could be faster to develop then a Central Europe or other largely populated map like Taiwan. Yes its another desert map, but probably a good one to start with if your a new developer. I know I would buy it.
  7. I have noticed this too. Been away from the sim for awhile and started practicing again. F 18 vs MiG 21 BIS the MiG was just going vertical all the time. I can shoot it down but I stall every-time. I dint think that MiG could do that since that's how the F4 defeated them in Vi et Nam also saw a video about the F14 and going vertical was one way of defeating enemy planes at the time.
  8. Makes me wonder if because of the chip markets being what they are that optimizing the core DCS program will become more front and center. I have read about the push to make the game use multiple threads and better use of hardware other than the GPU, so something is being done. No one knows when these improvements will be completed but the version numbers for DCS is getting close to 3.0! They just announced the roadmap for the Viper this year. However I have seen many posts recently about people quitting the game for awhile due to frustration. So maybe this needs to be a priority. As for chip shortages too many people in too many industries are suffering. Automakers have stock sitting in fields because they cant get the electronics for their cars to run. All eggs are in one basket in Korea and Taiwan, the industry will wake up and build more plants to cover the demand. (Or will civilization begin a slide backwards?) Still this shortage will be here for a couple more years. Crypto mining is going cooling off since China is cracking down and the billionaires have made their investments. Because so I can actually buy a 30XX card, for stupid money, so no thanks. I often wonder if the price for 30xx cards do come down, do I buy one or wait for for the RTX 40XX. The NVIDIA 30 series is half way through its cycle (Based on prior releases like the 20 series in Sept 2018. Will there be an announcement of the 40 series next spring?
  9. If you wish, Join us!


    A Private modding discord.


    Run By Gonz.


    All the info you need to make statics is there, or someone will assist!






    Do not share this link please.

  10. Saw a video on the modern version of the 15C and yes no need for the FC3 Version. However, the A10A cockpit is so analogue. Yes I would pay for an upgraded cockpit. However like it was said let see what happens with the Mig 29 FC3 model.
  11. Can combined arms be improved? Yes absolutely!! This is probably the third or fourth thread addressing this? What changes are you proposing here? So far I have read... Making all vehicles derivable with realistic interiors, including gunner/turret positions. I wonder how that will work on ships/ Subs. Making DCS more like a First person shooter COD or Arma ( I never played Arma so not sure what I am talking about.) DCS with payable modules such as M1 Abrams (fully modeled interior and systems like the planes) There are probably others I am missing, So what does this survey propose? I do spend time in DCS, simple missions like escorting a supply convoy, or just blowing stuff up. Nothing major like an entire battle front, more grand theft auto than anything serious, just for fun. I even use an Xbox controller in third person view to drive the vehicles. Unfortunately you cant use the turret unless your first person in the machine. (Bug?) I don't feel like you can command any large armor movements efficiently given the current interface. How many times do I discover that a group of assets is under attack by chance no notification that a group is under fire, or direction of where the fire is coming from. The AI has no effective defensive tactics. Like popping smoke when an enemy is shooting at you? How do I take command of naval assets, and set up formations, sub hunting, etc? I feel that a good command interface for DCS would be something like HARPOON. However since that game is decades old the potential to make DCS way better is a reality. They have inventories for warehouses and airfields! DCS has the potential to simulate strategic and logistical elements of the battlefield as well as front line elements. Yet another thread mentioned the implementation of ELINT and EW in DCS. Eagle could make something that is a learning asset at West Point. Would I buy such a module. (HARPOON interface and functionality) Yes. Would I buy each Tank or APC as a separate more immersive asset? (Maybe) Probably not every Tank or APC but talk to me what does that offer vs the standard Combined arms models. We all have our favorites after all. First Person Shooter (FPS) I don't know, (Probably not) you wont be able to clear buildings given the current environment (LOD of current buildings in game) and I don't think they should, DCS is not that game. I could be fun to be a soldier fighting block to block clearing a path or defending an urban area but again the Level of detail will be a constant discussion; this isn't Call of Duty after all. My 2 cents
  12. I have an Xbox controller set up for driving vehicals in Combined Arms and yes having trouble controlling the turret in Isometric view. Even the default keybinding Numpad 5 will not rotate the turret back to default. All of these functions do work in in F1 view just fine. I like playing Combined arms in 3rd person but alas cannot. I believe there is a lot to "Fix" or improve in combined arms. Someday.
  13. After watching this video I want an F15 C with a dynamic cockpit even more. Looks like the "C version" in this video has more glass then in DCS. Notice the DCS reference in 6:41. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zikI2fazPLo
  14. Looks like I will need a steering wheel and pedals in addition to my warthog HOTAS. Time for some GTA DCS!
  15. Maybe I am doing something wrong and this can be a simple fix. Decided to drive around in some armor in DCS 2.7 on the Syria map to check out the scenery. To my surprise a lot of the controls that I used to have are now gone. The Drivers view is now under the vehicle see attached, and you cannot move the turret in the exterior view. Turret controls are only in the Gunners view. I also cannot get key binds or axis commands assigned to the mouse. Any advice would be helpful. I am afraid my combined arms module is not playable until an update. Vehicles are very difficult to drive and you almost have no situational awareness.
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