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  1. Perma banned on DCS STEAM FORUM :(How does one discover who the DCS World Developer/moderator is for the Steam Forum? I have tried Steam Support and ED support in attempt to find out why I was banned and to find out what part of the forum rules (posted on Steam that I had violated). So far attempts at appeal or review have fallen on deaf ears from both parties and since the moderator is hidden there is no way to ask for forgiveness or explanation for a one time comment that resulted in not a warning but flat out perma ban..:(
  2. Yeah I got the same coupon and indeed happy about it. Now if they would unban me on the steam forum for voicing my displeasure of the timing of the sale..........that would be a big plus... as I am a avid sim player and many other games 10 plus years on steam...TheBlindOldman I typically use the forums for help and helping others it is rare for me to use the forums for any other purpose and the time I did I was quickly banned as a troll for voicing an opinion, so helping folks on steam is pretty much a bust :(
  3. Okay I finally managed after a few days to get a pair of USB 8" monitors to work with the A10C. So now I can use the .LUA to fly with the MFCD's Below the main screen and even managed to make the GUI (multiplayer, briefing screen etc) focus on the main so the buttons are clickable. So I have all the current mods, Mi8, KA 50, P51 etc... If I am in Multiplayer and flying the A10C all is well.. but after a bit if I decide to choose another plane or Heli then the LUA used to export doesnt play well. The Heli has the overlay that shows current weapon status, and auto pilot which show up in the middle of and lower portion of main and bleed into the 2 8 inch monitors...as an example...... I did notice that the Ka 50 screens actually showed up though I did not program them in the LUA with the proper name .. Will I have to make a different LUA for each plane set then exit the multiplay each time I wish to switch planes?
  4. WoW! Just WoW So here I get a email of nearly every mod is now on sale! I have paid full price for every mod!! Okay I can say I support the ED but damn I feel like I just got raped.. I guess from this point forward I will refuse to support at full price for any other future mods....... Not going to get burned again...:mad:
  5. Hello I understand that the website will be fixed to allow input of code. I purchased and messaged DCS in paypal the code. Will you not be able to go to/manage your paypal account and refund the 60% ? Will someone ever answer the support tickets?
  6. been a bit over an hour what is back up in short?
  7. Does eagle have a tech support group? Anyone know where the master server is and what time it would be there?
  8. master server crash yeah I just got on with some folks at TS AEF and they see same :(
  9. In Korea too I usually get on AEF 161st AUS and seems to play okay though a tad high. There are a few Korean ones I see occasionally but need password which I am working on trying to get :)
  11. So Matt, think I will get a refund for the difference with the purchase made with notes applied to paypal to include support ticket with coupon code?
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