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  1. This topic was locked back in October 2021 and marked as reported, the bug is still occurring, any chance of a fix
  2. pilot error, had the waypoint sequenced boxed, un boxed sequence all good
  3. no, after making the markpoints using the down waypoint button it used to go to markpoint 9 after waypoint 0 but now it just cycles the waypoints
  4. Anyone having trouble with mark points, once i mark several points and then cycle the waypoint down there are no markpoint.
  5. Just been in the instant action dogfight dora mission, the ram and filtered air are in the aft position, i do not have any controllers set for these controls, this is how they are set at mission start, is this correct or has something been overlooked in the mission setup
  6. @Convexrook so do you align the HMD twice before takeoff?
  7. Keep the sarcasm to yourself, so at what slant range would you expect to detect a fighter sized object whilst looking down
  8. Always thought it amusing that they ask for a track file when reporting a bug that may or not show up.
  9. Please read the original post before replying, what you are stating is not the problem
  10. Why does the hornet radar scale go out to 160nm, when apparently it can only see out to 40nm?
  11. @ebabil you are correct i just updated DCS i have a Mods folder on my desktop that i drop in after updating, forgot about F-16, think i got the extra lua lines from Le Culver. If you want the lua file i have attached it, the path is DSCWorldOpenBeta\Mods\aircraft\F-16C\input\F-16C\joystick IF you do use it remember to back up your default.lua default.lua
  12. For a while, look in special for joystick in settings
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