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  1. Further to my earlier post - have now experienced the partial black screen when flying the A-4 over the Falklands at low level.
  2. Setting up to sortie from Rio Gallegos airport using the Community A-4 and RAZBAM M-2000 and both aircraft show a black screen when I lower the canopy. Screenshots attached. By moving the pilot head position (cockpit camera) forwards the black section disappears. Moving head position backwards again shows the black section. Tested same aircraft at all the other South Atlantic airports and it is only Rio Gallegos where this defect occurs.
  3. It seems the pre-sets are all placeholders at this time. For example, the ARC-164 pre-sets in game at different from the ARC-164 pre-sets in the ME and changing the pre-sets in the ME has no effect on the in-game pre-sets. There is also no ARC-220 HF radio listed in the ME even though the aircraft carries one with ten pre-set channels. Hopefully the ability to set pre-sets in the ME and to have such operate in the aircraft in-game will come along soon as this increases the immersion when flying in MP.
  4. Having looked through all the current suggestions in this Wish List thread I note that a couple almost touch on this matter but do not go as far as I would wish. It would be helpful (and I suspect closer to real life) for an Apace pilot and Gunner to consider what are the likely targets and threats they will encounter on a sortie. Doing so they would probably agree a priority list that should be targeted as the sortie progresses. This could be simulated in SP by the pilot setting George some targeting parameters such as Threat or Target Type and Distance out from the aircraft. For example, priority targeting parameters could be Priority 1 SAM Priority 2 AAA Priority 3 Enemy MBT within 10 Kilometers (or perhaps from 5 to 10 Kilometers from the aircraft's current position). George could then take these parameters into account when directed by the Pilot to Slave the Sight. The great thing about George is that it allows a player to fight the Apache without a human CPG. The limitation with George is that the AI is currently very limited in its ability to substitute for a human player in the front seat. While I have no idea how a priority list could be programmed into the game; perhaps the front end implementation / setting could be through the kneeboard in a similar way that chaff / flare settings are managed for some of the other modules. Anyhow, Ed please keep up the good work.
  5. Strange - but after posting the report above and going back into the MP game - all was OK.
  6. Just tried to fly a MP mission on a mate's server. Trouble was the inside of the cockpit was as clear as it would be in daylight despite the mission being set at night. Meant it was impossible to use the IHADSS / FLIR as the reflected lighting inside the cockpit bled out the IHADSS image. Ran into a hill. Not sure what the problem is as earlier today a few of us flew a night mission on my MP server and all was well with the lighting. Screenshot of inside of cockpit attached. The flood lights were off. However there was a full moon (but the mission earlier today also had a full moon and the cockpit lighting in that mission was OK) Also, I noticed once I had the aircraft started and my main MFDs seemed OK that looking over my instrument panel to the CPG's MFDs that all his MFDs were dead.
  7. Once again the Apache and the Syria map results in game freeze and CTD. Here is the log etc files if anyone is interested. dcs.log-20220507-051111.zip
  8. I removed the UH-60s from the mission. I then removed all user mods from my DCS Openbeta and closed down the game and ran repair. I then booted up the game; went into the mission and still experienced a massive fps drop after about 6 or 7 minutes flying. Attached are the log and track files. Hope this helps Cheers dcs.log DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone.log DCS-SRS-GameGUI.log DCS-SRS-InGameRadio.log debrief.log LastMissionTrack.trk
  9. Sorry about that. I have reproduced the issue this morning. Attached are the log and track files. If you are wondering why I seem to be regularly glancing up to the top left corner of the screen it is because I was looking at the FPS counter which doesn't seem to be captured by the track file. LastMissionTrack.trk dcs.log dcs.log.old DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone.log DCS-SRS-GameGUI.log DCS-SRS-InGameRadio.log debrief.log
  10. As it was an offline mission there was no track file in C:\users\Saved Games\......... etc However I checked the hidden files in C:\users\.......\AppData\local\Temp\DCS.openbeta and found the attached track file. Its details suggest it is the right track - hope so as otherwise I will need to redo tomorrow. Interestingly, the file size shows 3,018 KB but it comes out at 2.95 MB when I uploaded it to this page. _LastMissionTrack.trk
  11. Situation: Single player flying the Apache on the Syria map (in the vicinity of Raqqa). After about six minutes flying my frame rates decrease to a level that makes the game unplayable. Computer setup: 11 Gen Intel)R) Core(TM) i9-11900K @ 3.50GHz / 64.0 GB RAM / MSI RTX 3090 24G / 49 inch Samsung Neo G9 Odyssey QLED monitor / TM HOTAS and Joystick / Cougar MFDs / MS Sidewinder Steering wheel / Razer Ouroborus gaming mouse / Saitek Pro Rudder Pedals / Logitech G15 Keyboard / Logitech G35 Headset My keyboard has inbuilt CPU and RAM monitors - during the flight the CPU did not go above 10 percent or the RAM above 45 percent. Attached are my log files. Neither SRS or in-game radio were active - do not know why these files were generated by the game. I have not experienced this issue with any other module. Yesterday to test the issue I set up a simple ME mission using the Caucasus map. I experienced no problems even though each time I flew the Caucasus mission I increased the mission complexity by adding (1) AI units (2) Moving AI units (3) Trigger Zones (4) Shelling Zones (5) Smoke effects (6) George AI (7) George via Voice Attack (3) Discord I also tested a simple 20 minute flight in the Apache in all the other maps and experienced no issues. I did not increase the complexity in the other maps. Any suggestions for rectifying this matter will be greatly appreciated. dcs.log DCS-SimpleRadioStandalone.log DCS-SRS-GameGUI.log DCS-SRS-InGameRadio.log debrief.log
  12. A friend of mine recently installed DCS Scratch Pad (https://github.com/rkusa/dcs-scratchpad) and he was telling me that this allowed him to capture coordinates directly from the F10 map that are then shown in the Scratch Pad. Not wishing to take anything away from the work done by the Scratch Pad developer, it would be a real plus if a similar facility could be built into the Notes page of the Viacom Kneeboard. Just a suggestion.
  13. I see from the forum that this bug has been raised previously over several years but it remains unresolved so I do not feel that I am doing the wrong thing by highlighting it again. I bound the RWR Power button to a button on one of my MFDs and while the panel powers up when my MFD button is pressed and held, the panel turns off as soon as I release the MFD button. I note that this topis was closed off by NineLine last year but the problem remains and from what i read in an earlier post the fix appears fairly simple for the Devs to implement. please can someone look into providing a fix with the next DCS OpenBeta patch.
  14. Carrier comms are currently limited to one frequency (albeit that the actual frequencies can be set in the ME). It would be useful and more realistic if carrier ATC had two available frequencies - one set in the VHF band and one set in the UHF band. This would both reflect the multiple frequencies available at airfields and allow more aircraft to communicate with carriers. For example, most mission makers using USN carriers leave the carrier ATC frequency at the default VHF frequency. This is fine for any F-14s or F-18s but denies A-4s the capacity to talk to the carrier ACT as the A-4 is limited to one UHF radio.
  15. Love the preset video settings and really appreciate the ability to create and save custom settings. Only addition I would like is to be able to give the custom settings a unique name when saving the setting. For example, if I find a particular setting arrangement works well when playing MP then it would be helpful to be able to rename Custom1 to MP when I save that setting.
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