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  1. I think the forum is loosing it's visibility as new comms ways are arise and here I need to mention especially Discord. Is not like people are not flying JF17, but more like your message is not seen. Try join various Discord Servers, including ED's official one and make your call again !
  2. @gotit DCS standards are just not for you, but as you can see there is another player base seeking exactly what you don't like. Some brains can adapts easily than others to all those kind of things (no pun intended, just facts). The best option for you is either to play FC3 modules or change the simulation/ gaming platform to something that would suits you.. check Arma3 for example. I would also thank you for your comment because is a truly and hearty statement that could help people making their decision to onboard DCS or not !
  3. There still are some great workarounds which can make your flying experience even more natural. I would agree some of them are not indeed applicable to everyone but at least I would like to bring them to your attention to have a look into: 1. Using VR headset (a high resolution one) - while using zoom you can focus only outside if you want... or you can focus on a specific bit for your cockpit. In VR the zoom function have two levels and will be active only as long as you are keeping the button pressed. 2. Exporting your gauges - Helios would be the best tool for this so you can have a full fledged cockpit clearly seen on a second monitor... including MFDs. There are also some Android/IOS apps for these, but Helios is the master of them all. Can be used even on a separate computer/laptop. As said in the beginning, those are kind of workarounds, and I do admit that not everything is perfect, as we are inside a simulation.... as good as it gets.
  4. In some circumstances pilots are using binoculars. I think this can be easy understood as a RL zoom which magnifies even your avionics... @L0uiscyou are saying your computer cannot cope with the 2.7 version (because of reasons)... for same good reasons most of our computers cannot cope with the full complexity of graphics nowadays, so there are required such workarounds... And to be more precise, to render up to a visible level some very distant objects, even using LODs, will simply kill our computers.... is just a compromise. In the same manner, you cannot compare let's say a 4K 24" monitor with a 4K 46" monitor... but we all still need to enjoy this game (oops is not a game but a sim ) And don't forget, we even have labels to leverage a bit visibility issue... there are the "neutral dots" which are working pretty ok ...
  5. VBS4 engine have an interesting mechanism. The map is procedurally generated on server side then somehow is sharing it with the clients... could be a thing for DCS as well maybe... just my thoughts!
  6. Your updates should be posted on the main ED Discord server ... no joke ! Thank you @Charly_Owl
  7. Much appreciated your input @Sneep !!! I wasn't aware about this feature at all !!! Your tool looks exceptional great and can cover one of the biggest misses for DCS. I am thinking at the Arma3 Launcher which is able to read what mods are required by a specific server, then it might allow the user to check if those mods are already downloaded, if the versions are correct , then update them accordingly, allowing a user to join. This would make the users experience far greater, by having various other mods installed, like VPC assets, specific livery sets, and so on. Indeed this would require some rework of repository by ED itself, but this might be doable anyhow. Did you ever considered a partnership with ED for this? Arma3 in the beginnings had also a open source launcher doing the exact same things, then they moved this entirely within Steam. For DCS case, the mods source should remain on ED site... but they would require some rework to standardize how files are presented. Some users upload the mods as OvGME ready, others not... and this is where some effort is required. If needed, and having ED support to allow such a standardization I would also be happy to work on some tedious activities as checking the mods and changing their presentation within. Also users might be able to create mods profiles by themselves and activating them according with the server they are joining.
  8. Thank you for your replies. Regarding the "logo" pics, it will be good enough just have those pics on the drive, along with skin itself... i could do a quick search for any pics and can have a quick glance what i have in there. It does not need to be displayed in console at all... This logo download might stay as an on/off option in your tool configuration. The second option, maybe can be delivered like a stand alone function for those interested in. There might be the case were there are squadron liveries which can be optimized. Regarding this, I am not even aware how the changes in description.lua have to look like so that they can use files from alternative folders. Can you please share just this ?
  9. This is a fantastic tool !!! Could be an option to download the preview picture of the downloaded livery? This could help a lot to identify what's what and where ! And that optimization feature when there are multiple similar liveries is absolutely outstanding. Can you please provide a kind of feature to run this optimization for an existing set of skins? Like an offline version let's say!
  10. @Minsky It should not be "ME" and "THEY". DCS is a core platform offering core functions everyone have to adhere to (and improve in time). I think it would be mutual benefit for maps as there is for rest of modules. I think though, it might be related to general performance of existing hardware we are running. For example, clouds and grass were missing for quite long time in the game, simply because it was too much computation required. Might be similar for map-clipping for now... but I would really appreciate a short statement on this matter from ED. Is not a critical feature, but i am sure that will open some new doors for content creators... and new content (maps/missions/assets/modules) is what they are focusing for revenue and keep their business working.
  11. ED was used to define the merge of two distinct maps as "map clipping". Even they had this on their table some years ago, it was then forgotten for some reasons. We do already have Normandy and Channel maps which are somehow ready to be clipped.... but for some reasons (never exposed) this seems to not happen. Also Syria and PG require just one single new map between them... It would be really awesome but we were never told why "map clipping" is not any more a "thing".
  12. I am facing the exact same issue !!! Any updates on this?
  13. Mongoose is let's say a bit more close to a standard layout and ergonomy to the F18/A10/F16 sticks. On other hand Alpha Constellation has some more functions available on it, like an extra analog minijoystick. Also Alpha is a bit more appealing on aspect and have an Lockable Twist Axis as well, unlike the Mongooos You can check on Virpil's product description and see what type of inputs you gonna prefer. My personal opinion goes for Alpha, but this only for me! As bases, the choice is pretty simple .. if you look for a table top mount then WarBRD is the way to go. If you want a center mounted stick with extension then CM2 is the way to go.
  14. Hello ED Some time ago ED talked about maps clipping* possibility to be addressed in future. There are several years since then... sometime while Nevada was released I think. *maps clipping = a technology which allows two nearby maps modules to be used as a "single map" with a seamless transition from one to other while flying My question is if this feature is still on the ED table. Asking this as we already clearly have Normandy and Channel maps which are 100% suitable to use this technology, and on the other hand PG and Syria are almost there....requiring only another intermediate area to be created as a new module ! So, ED.... is the map clipping technology still on your table? On the other note, thank you ED for your continuous effort to bring us the best sim ever! Kudos 2.7 !!!!
  15. It's funny how some people consider they have to be served for free... it's like written on clouds... or if is not in their area of interest then it has not to be here... From my point of view, anything on ground which can bring some life to DCS without killing FPS, is more than welcome. I'd rather pay for such content than buying who knows what other game that may keep me busy for several hours. DCS can be endless replayed and there will still be things to learn. @Battlefield Productionsplease proceed with your plans... release as "agile" and see how real things will work. You can assess later if is worthy or not...
  16. Hi guys, I have an virus alert from Windows Defender. What would be your opinion about that? I run a repair with same results. Please check for details in attached pic.
  17. I think you are missing an important characteristic of Yak52. For this airplane throttle alone is not enough to control, but need to be used together with the RPM lever.... actually is more work in RPM then in throttle itself. Try re-read the manual and watch the following video: As a side note, a good practice is to set throttle to 80%, then use only RPM for speed adjustments when in formation for example. No need for curves or anything... is just this plane behaviour!
  18. Seems that is quite easy to create some confusion with this Carrier/Supercarrier stuff... :) No big deal in the end, but might need to highlight these situations in the product description.
  19. Stupid me !!! :))) While trying to create a mission all the supercarrier assets were listed in the mission editor, including personnel. However, I did not have the supercarrier module installed yet... and that prevented me to see any crew... With other words, the animated deck crew is populating the deck be default, no further settings being required.
  20. Yes, saw that, hence he is not placing the catapult crew, but only static LSOs and stuff... in the end the crew is on the deck but cannot reproduce that on my side...
  21. Maybe stupid question, but please can you tell me how and what are the conditions for the deck crew to be animated? Planning to add it to a custom mission and cannot figure out which are the steps to have animated crew on the deck.
  22. This is what it is actually. LD10 is a SD10 with radiation seeker head. SD10 is the JF17's AMRAAM. All normal... No balance required... just as close to real as possible !!!
  23. Hello, I have reworked the colors of a livery of mine for Yak-52, representing exactly an operational aircraft in use by Romanian Air Forces for training purposes. What I would really like is that you will make this skin available in the official release of Yak52. I have absolutely no other request, neither a credit for this work. All I would want is to have this offically as it is 100% accurate, including the bort numbers. I have added it to user repository here: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3308756/ Please let me know your feedback about this. Thank you in advance, Abburo PS: I'll happily remove the user repository entry for this livery if it will be available officially
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