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  1. All my references, including the NTTR kneeboard charts, have Nellis's ILS being runway 21 on 109.1. In DCS, the only ILS at Nellis (at least if you're flying the Hawk) appears to be runway 03R the opposite direction from the approach chart published.
  2. Yes, you'd think, but no, no it doesn't. For some reason the DCS updater just glossed over this (and who knows what other) aircraft all those times I ran it. Force-updating RAZBAM_M-2000C with the updater via command-line did the trick! Flies fine now! Like night and day, really. Or maybe pointy-end blunt-end. Not sure how this happens considering that the updater runs every time DCS runs. Makes me think I'd probably better force-update everything after checking the versions. I couldn't find the list of the latest version for each module in the post that Maulkin mentioned, so I might just have to do 'em all. The M2000 was the only one obviously playing up, though. Gentlemen one and all, thanks a bunch! That was the quickest resolution of what seemed like a serious issue I've seen in a good while. Well done!
  3. A track recording of being in a dive at 90° alpha in full burner and not accelerating would certainly be amusing to watch. Your velocity vector would be coming right out of the belly. Sounds even better than my 2 second disintegration. My alpha was 180 easy!
  4. Do you mean 1.5.5 DCS, or 1.5.5 Beta M2000C module? My DCS is My M2000C is 1.5.5 Beta. If there is a Mirage 1.5.6 how do I get it?
  5. Yes indeed! That's The problem is in that version. AFAIK that is the latest version as of right now. Incidentally, the problem is not universal. Identical setup in OpenAlpha but there the controls work. I just discovered the flying at least is perfect in OpenAlpha. Just did some night circuits in Vegas, a few takeoffs and landings, the Mirage is a very easy aircraft to fly. Handles great (it's the FBW I guess) you just have to remember it's a delta when you land! I didn't read the P charts, but it handles much like any delta, you have to approach fairly fast, since you lose it all in the flare. Still a problem, though, as I can't do any of the training, it needs to work in Release DCS.
  6. Yes, of course. Every new airplane gets the same treatment. As I mentioned nothing was "double-mapped" to multiple control axes. It's very strange. Perhaps I'll try un-mapping pitch and see what happens. Thanks for the quick response! ********************************************** UPDATE: It's not the joystick! Same behavior trying to take off with the keyboard alone, joystick completely unmapped. Won't come unstuck at all, despite the elevons moving just as they should!
  7. Hello, First off, this looks like a great module, so I'm obviously doing something terribly wrong. All the other aircraft and helicopters fly perfectly after configuring the HOTAS and axes. If I start from the runway, using instant action->takeoff...the aircraft simply won't come unstuck. From an external view, I can visually confirm I'm getting full range movement of the elevons. They don't seem to put any moment or force onto the airframe at all. Control surfaces check out fine, move in the right sense, and are not double-mapped to multiple axes. The aircraft simply accelerates past the rotate speed without being able to rotate, and if I don't abort the takeoff, the L/G fails and the plane slides to a halt and catches fire. Now, I assumed "maybe I'm in some sort of wrong FBW mode" except there are no warning lights. Further testing, Instant Action->Free Flight. The flight lasts for 5 seconds! The pilot instantly blacks out, the aircraft does a nose-down somersault within 1 second, flies backwards, parts fly off, it catches fire, and tumbles to the ground. Total flight duration < 10 seconds! Control Setup: HOTAS Warthog, and Saitek Rudders Attached: Track File and Briefing (.log renamed to .doc) for the instant disintegration from Free Flight Instant Action. I really hope someone can advise what might be wrong. Again, no problems at all flying anything else. Mirage 2000 10 second flight.trk Mirage 2000 10 second flight_log_renamed to.doc
  8. I'd pay $US60 for an F-4 if it... - Had all the bombing avionics (choice of AN/AJB-3 or AN/AJB-7) authentically reproduced. Good research project for y'all at leatherneck. LABS (toss/loft or over-the-shoulder) use over a well-defended target is totally my idea of fun! Some of the guys who used both are still alive! You can find 'em. - Let us choose between all the relevant variants. There are a few. - The E model with the gun! Hey, the ballistics are already done, many DCS flyables fly the same gun. - The Israelis wanted the C/D/J model AN/AJB-7 and so do I. Guess what it's really good for. - VTAS (AN/AVG-8) helmet off-boresight targeting for G sidewinders! Woo! I'd even pay separately for each major variant. Anybody with me? Of all the Phantom drivers I've met, it seems like the RF-4 guys were the most fun. They also seemed to smoke the most cigarettes.
  9. Thanks! The problem has vanished without a trace with the latest update. Evidently whatever issue it was has been fixed by the developers. Thanks again!
  10. Thanks! The log for the alpha release is old. It was last successfully run on 13/3/17 New attempts at running do not produce newer logs, the error comes up immediately before any other activity happens. Would that be of any use?
  11. Thanks! Yes, I have reinstalled DCS Open Alpha 2 side-by-side, I have repaired all instances of DCS (release, and alpha), I have reinstalled the VC Runtime (vc_redist.x64.exe), and have repaired that as well. Perhaps I am mis-understanding your advice, as I mentioned doing those steps above. Did I miss one of your recommended steps? Thanks again!
  12. I hope someone can help with this... The full message when launching the game is: [The Program Can't start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-|1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem.] This is on a fresh install of Windows 7 Pro 64. I have already installed the Microsoft VC140 Runtime as directed in the other posts, and run "repair" on the installation. That fixed the "DCS.exe-System Error The program can't start because VCRUNTIME140.DLL is missing from your computer" issue, but has uncovered this other problem. I have also tried a second "side-by-side" installation of Open Alpha 2. It seemed to run fine before the latest update. Thanks in advance for any advice!
  13. Using the PTT assigned button, "\" I can easily talk to anybody whilst the aircraft is on the ground as we normally do. Tested ATC, Wingman, Ground crew, etc. No problems. But as soon as the aircraft leaves the ground, the PTT button no longer works! Messing around with the radios, I can't seem to get any comms to work when airborne. Hard to believe this could really be a bug, am I doing anything wrong? Thanks for any help in this!
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