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  1. It’s 8:30 and I have to get up early. I knew it would happen that I’d have to wait another day to play, but I was hoping :-(
  2. I had no problem with Zulu time, I just quickly converted to Kilo and I was happy. Ex-military too. Brisbane, Australia. So, the release probably won't be till midnight-ish local time :-(
  3. Seriously?! How about getting one aircraft out before announcing what else is in the pipeline.
  4. Flight of the Intruder by Stephen Coonts made me fall in love with the A6. An exceptional book that was turned in to a terrible movie.
  5. I hope they stick with a few more choppers. It's their point of difference, especially when their quality is so high. Planes, comparatively, are a dime a dozen.
  6. Sigh. Another self confessed expert where everything is rubbish. I think also an attention seeker. I'm loving the Hip, though I can't find a manual for it...
  7. Too true, RagnarDa. People are already complaining and it hasn't even been released yet.
  8. That is sick. I want it yesterday. Awesome work BST! They deserve to be supported, so I'll definitely buy it at full price.
  9. I'll be buying on release day. I want to support the people who create such fantastic products. If everyone were to wait till the sales do you think companies will keep making the software we all so desire. I know everyone's circumstances differ, which is cool. I also love the beta release strategy, especially when the quality is still very high. For the people complaining about the betas, then don't buy them. My head would explode if I was still waiting for the Huey to be released. I'm instead enjoying this fantastic sim right now.
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