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    I fly X-Plane 9 & 10 for basic aviation (150+ Aircraft),
    I fly FMS with RC Control Hand-Set to practice RC Flying,
    and when I feel like shooting targets and blowing something up - I fly LOMAC (upgrading to FC3 soon).
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  1. So I get that the Carrier was on an Operational Deployment in the Med where real world threats existed, ............ Tomcats 4, Libya 0 - The Real Story of the Gulf of Sidra Incidents https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RyMfC3M0fZQ ........... but why would an Aircraft participating in a 'Dry Only' Exercise be fragged out with Live (Waiting for Murphy) ? Maybe for the exact reason that real world threats did exist in the vicinity ??? Exercise “Display Determination 87” was supposed to be a routine NATO exercise, pitting U.S. Air Force Phantoms out of Zweibrucken Air Base in West Germany against F-14 Tomcats from the USS Saratoga in the Mediterranean Sea. All the Phantoms had to do was find the Saratoga and engage in an exercise attack, if the Tomcats didn’t find them first. Wondering if any Naval Procedures changed as a result of this Good (just kiddin) Kill ? When a US Navy F-14 Tomcat Shot Down a USAF RF-4C Phantom II https://theaviationgeekclub.com/video-when-a-us-navy-f-14-tomcat-shot-down-a-usaf-rf-4c-phantom-ii/ A Navy F-14 Tomcat once shot down an Air Force RF-4C Phantom https://www.wearethemighty.com/articles/a-navy-f-14-tomcat-once-shot-down-an-air-force-rf-4c-phantom/ When a US Navy F-14 Shot Down a USAF Phantom https://sierrahotel.net/blogs/news/when-a-us-navy-f-14-shot-down-a-usaf-phantom VIDEO: US Navy F-14 Shoots Down USAF RF-4C During Training https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycNNWZ79YdY ANALYSIS: How a Navy Tomcat Shot Down an Air Force Phantom During a Training Exercise https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeGFWq0lGv8
  2. A Little more TD&E on the HUD Symbology Differences from F-14A/B of DCSW 2.5+. Now in DCSW 2.7+, the F-14 (Both A and B) has different HUD Symbology Presentations depending on which Instant Action Mission you Open. Sometimes NOW (like 2.5 version F-14) you get a Fully Adjustable (in HUD Trim) Horizon Pitch Line, a Heading Scale, and a Flight Path (Velocity Vector) Marker. This is the HUD Presentation featured back in the F-14 of DCSW 2.5+. But NOW - depending on which F-14A/B Instant Action Mission I pull up - The HUD lacks most of that previous Symbology and the HUD Horizon Line is Not Fully Adjustable (back to the actual horizon) via the HUD Trim. With this last Update (, the developers created many New F-14A/B Instant Action Missions (for Marianas & Caucasas) and maybe they were rushed and the Quality Control Suffered ? I'm Confused - Sometimes you get the Complete HUD Symbology (as in Previous F-14) - And sometimes you get a Blank HUD other than the Pitch Bar Lines ???????
  3. The Latest stable (DCS World Update) affected my F-14's HUD: - My Flight Path (Velocity Vector) Marker is MIA ? - Can no Longer Trim the HUD's Horizon Line to the Actual Horizon (Sorry - Despite all the great explanations of why the Horizon Line is not on the Horizon - Still doesn't make sense to me) - Wondering if this is just Me - or affecting other Tomcat Drivers ? =================================================================== Related: DCS World Updates Latest stable version is HUD Horizon Line: My HUD's Horizon Line (Landing Mode) is Off by 5 Degrees (Low - Below the actual Level Horizon). https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/203711-f-14b-tomcat-ea-stable-release-some-initial-observations/ HUD Pitch Ladder https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/238704-hud-pitch-ladder/ HUD pitch ladder https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/192705-hud-pitch-ladder/ Because the F-14's axis of flight is so high up in the windscreen at normal cruise airspeeds, placing the horizon line with the actual horizon would have really cluttered the upper half, especially when you include the heading tape. That's why Grumman's engineers decided to depress the artificial horizon by 5 degrees. The HUD wasn't operated as a primary flight instrument (that would be the VDI) anyway, just as a tool for weapons employment.
  4. Posted ABOVE: Great Tips on Rendering Options & Frame Rate Improvement - TANKS ! Recently upgraded DCSW 2.5 to 2.7 and experienced 30fps Drop against pretty much all Scenarios. Was down to 20fps doing a Low Level Tour of Guam (Marianas) in the F-16C. BEFORE: Baseline Scenario: F-16C - Nevada - Ready on the Ramp 32fps Terrain Textures: High to Low Clouds: Standard to Low SSAA (Anti-Aliasing) To Off Clutter/Grass: 1300 to 1000 Forest Vis: 90% to 80% Forest Detail: .9 to .8 Scenery Detail: .9 to .8 AFTER: Adjusted Scenario: F-16C - Nevada - Ready on the Ramp 60+fps NOTES: - Forest Vis & Detail not a Factor in Baseline Scenario (Nevada), but should help in Caucasus & Marianas. - Biggest Improvement probably turning SSAA (Anti-Aliasing) to Off. With 2,560x 1,600 Resolution - Don't notice a Change.
  5. With 14 Modules (one is FC = 6 Aircraft), that's a Lot of Aircraft to RE-Configure - Even with the Tips from the Pros Above. Still- There has got to be an Easier Way ! I understand Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Eagle Dynamics' Right to Protect Content Creation and Profit from it - There has got to be an Easier Way to Move 'DCS World' where-ever one is Legally entitled to. IF I were King for a Day: - DCS World would be entirely Self-Contained, and would not have to share Configuration Settings with Windows (Users\Saved Games). - Save each Module's Custom (Config) Settings in its own Mod Folder - Simply Move DCS World (New Drive, OS, PC, etc..) - And all your Settings stay Put (as is) and Move with You ! - 'No Fuss - No Muss; - Just Ready for "Fights On" !
  6. Still- There has got to be an Easier Way ! I understand Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Eagle Dynamics' Right to Protect Content Creation and Profit from it - There has got to be an Easier Way to Move 'DCS World' where-ever one is Legally entitled to. IF I were King for a Day: - DCS World would be entirely Self-Contained, and would not have to share Configuration Settings with Windows (Users\Saved Games). - Save each Module's Custom (Config) Settings in its own Mod Folder - Simply Move DCS World (New Drive, OS, PC, etc..) - And all your Settings stay Put (as is) and Move with You ! - 'No Fuss - No Muss; - Just Ready for "Fights On" !
  7. 'Rudel_chw' & 'Art-J', Thank you Gentlemen ! Each of your Techniques work like a Charm. Instead of 20 Man-Hours of tedious reassigning of Settings for each Module - I should be down in less than an Hour. Tanks Again ! PS: Part of the Problem here was too much Trial & Error - Not enough standardized step-by-step Procedure. The Information on how to move DCSW (to another Location, a New OS & SSD, or an entirely New Machine) is out there - but Fragmented rather than consolidated nicely in a Single Source Document. Would hope Eagle Dynamics would take this on and publish a definitive Manual on how to move DCSW. We are their Cash Cows - a Little better Help would be appreciated !
  8. On the Same Computer - I installed a New (Boot) SSD and loaded Windows 10. Copied DCSW Build 2.56.61527 (from a Win7 Boot Drive) and associated Saved Games\DCS (with all Config Files) to New Win10 SSD. Goal is to Upgrade to DCSW 2.7+. FIRST Problem: Got the following Dialog Box: DCS Login failed - Cannot exit offline mode due to hardware ID change. Ask for support. Despite Researching the Forums for how to migrate DCS World to a New SSD - I failed to come across these instructions: From: OFFLINE mode / "Cannot exit offline mode due to hardware ID change" https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/support/faq/authorization/ Note: user must turn off OFFLINE mode on the same PC*. OFFLINE mode cannot be turned off from another PC even with the same user's login. * on the same PC - it means exactly the same for both hardware and software. For example, changing BIOS or reinstalling Windows in offline mode will not allow you to log in. Lucky - had previous SSD with Win7 DCSW Installation - Booted with that and went back to Online Mode. Authentication/Activation Worked Perfectly (all Modules Available), EXCEPT ......... SECOND Problem: .............. on the New SSD (w Win10) - DCS World Not Seeing (Not Using) Saved Games Config Files (copied from Win 7 SSD) ? All Flight Control (HOTAS Warthog and Keyboard Setting Inop). ??????? Only thing I can Think of is that I used a Different User Name (User Account) when installing Windows 10 on the new SSD. Maybe the Old (copied) DCSW Build 2.5+ is mapped to look for a Different User Name ???? Any Suggestions ? Looking at Mega Hours to Hand-Jam all Config Settings back into my 15 Aircraft Modules. TANKS in Advance !
  9. Hey Carsten, Please don't let me spoil your Fun - but I find doing Aerobatics in a Flight Sim sort of like 'Kissing your Sister'. Not quite the Real Thing. Doing Sim Aerobatics (even in Aircraft specially designed for Aerobatics) is actually harder (and for me less satisfying) than doing Real World Aerobatics. Lack of Peripheral Vision, Lack of Seat of the Pants G-Force, and Lack of many other Cues contribute to making it more Difficult in a Flight Sim (but then there are many other things that are also harder - including what DCS World does Best - Aerial Combat). You're (in Cockpit View) left with Power Settings, Airspeed and Rates of Turn to determine G-Load for Precision Maneuvers. But I'll tell you What - I really admire those Pilots flying the DCS Formation Aerial Display Teams and their Precision Formation Aerobatics. What a Blast to watch that last Competition ! So go have all the FUN you want - For me - guess it's just not me Thing. BOL !
  10. Been trying to get a Good Feel for the P-47 over last couple months. But of all my Aircraft - this one has been the most challenging. Almost all my other War Birds have detectable cues you can pick up on as you approach and reach Stall AoA - and back off the Pull/Back-Pressure on the Stick before you Depart controlled Flight. The P-51 Stang took a while to feel out - but I'm Good with her Now. But the 'Jug' is an entirely different Animal. I really don't detect any cues (Vibration - Buffet - Lack of Turn Rate - etc...) at all before she'll snap off and depart into a Spin - Usually at the most inopportune time. Besides flying her gently like a Fast Cessna 172 - what's a Feller to do ? Any tips would be appreciated. TANKS ! Related: Spin, Spin Spin..... https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/257010-spin-spin-spin/
  11. Performed some Updated Testing - including 35K' The P-47 is in the same general Speed Regime as the 'Stang', but the 51 still has a few extra 'mph' on the Bolt Attached Chart show my latest Numbers:
  12. Igor4U


    Love all the Century Series Fighters - Just a Golden Age in Fighter Development and Aviation. And the F-104 fits in Perfectly - Would Love to Fly one in DCS. Originally envisioned and designed as a High-Speed Interceptor, the F-104 never quite grew into a Dominent USAF Role despite being just Plain FAST. The F-104 was deployed to Vietnam - but was unsuitably (and stupidly) tasked to (for Example) CAS Missions for which it was poorly Designed. I think the F-104 became a much more Iconic Aircraft in Europe where numerous NATO Members used it as a High Speed (Nuclear Capable) Strike Fighter. It's Low Drag, High Speed, and High Wing Loading made it a a Fast Comfortable Ride at Low Altitude using the High-Threat Tactics of the Cold War Days. Lockheed's F-104 in Vietnam. Right Plane - Wrong War. http://www.916-starfighter.de/Lockheed'sF-104inVietnam1966_Wings_10.1996.pdf Starfighters "in action" in Vietnam 1965-1967 https://www.i-f-s.nl/vietnam/ F-104Cs served in SEA in 1965-66 and 1966-67 during two separate deployments. Over the course of these two deployments, seven F-104s were lost to enemy ground defenses; one F-104 was shot down by an enemy aircraft, and no enemy aircraft were engaged by F-104s while flying escort or CAP missions. It has been said that the F-104s "never had a mission and never made a mark" (*1) in SEA. Misconceptions, myth and misinformation about the F-104 have led to this impression. The facts tell a different story. By 1964, the USAF's only primary air superiority aircraft (*2) , the F-104C, had been forward deployed on several occasions (*3) to project US power and assure control of the air during world crises. The F-104 was widely regarded as the world's foremost daylight air-to-air platform (*4), and the pilots of TAC's 479th TFW, the only operators of the F-104C, had proven themselves to be masters of their trade in numerous mock air-to-air encounters (*5). It was therefore understood that the F-104Cs of the 479th's 435th, 436th or 476th TFSs would rapidly deploy to any troublespot where air superiority must be quickly established. Such a spot was SEA in 1965. Lockheed F-104 Starfighter Operational History http://vietnam.warbirdsresourcegroup.org/f104starfighter-operation.html A Quick Look at Why the F-104 Starfighter Was the Best Interceptor of Its Time https://nationalinterest.org/blog/buzz/quick-look-why-f-104-starfighter-was-best-interceptor-its-time-64266 VIDEO: F-106 vs F-104 | Bruce Gordon
  13. Just beginning learning the Hornet - the 'AoA Machine'. Question on Weapons Emmployment: Since both the A/A Gun and the AIM-9 use the Trigger Pull Second Detent (JOY_BTN6) to Fire/Launch, looks to me that they are Mutually Exclusive without Switching between (selecting) either AIM-9 or GUN. Y/N ? Why does the Hornet use the Trigger for AIM-9 Missiles (rather than Weapons Release Button) - Zat a Navy Thing ? Or is the Weapons Release Button solely for Air-to-Ground Ordnance ? Does the Hornet have anything similar to the F-16C 'Dogfight Switch' that instantly configures the Aircraft for Air-to-Air ?
  14. My Speed were Indicated (Not TAS) At 5,000 ft MSL I got 343 (Indicated) mph out of the 'Stang' in Level Flight Full Throttle. Corrected to TAS (ROT 2% for every 1,000 ft in Altitude), that 343 mph Indicated would equal approx 380 mph TAS. Very Close to what you Experienced :pilotfly: !
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