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  1. I guess you can do what i just did, make an order, it gets accepted and you have 3 days to pay. I hope it works, becouse i just bought dora for me and my brother, and already got used to having it :P
  2. Thank you for your advice! :) After what i have read in this thread i was thinking about i5 4690k, but as i am now thinking about a multi monitor setup i'll probably go with the i7 that you recommend, and msi z97 board. And if someone could help me out with this: If i would like to make a setup with 3 tv's, and bought two graphic cards in sli ( 2 hdmi ports each ), and then i will plug two tv's to one, and the third tv to the other card, then will it work ? Would really appriciate any help! ;)
  3. I'm mostly the fan of modern aircraft, but the possibility of trying out the nuke is really tempting :D
  4. After reading everything in this thread and doing some thinking i will probably go with i5 4690k, it's 3,5Ghz out of the box and can be overclocked a lot, so there's a lot of place for improvement. And frankly i'm not a big fan of amd, maybe i am completely wrong but i don't even cosider it at this point.
  5. I would really like to wait, but the problem is i currently use my laptop with gt 635m, and as i got really hooked with dcs lately i am really tired of playing on medium with 20+ fps ( on helicopters it gets worse ). I really hope edge comes out soon, but when they say late 2014, they probably mean late november or somewhere in december, and of course i hope i'm wrong :D
  6. It seems now i definitely don't need that much power in the cpu department. So now it's waiting for nvidia on 19th september and seeing how gtx 900's will compare to 700's, and either gonna pick the new one up if it's worth it or take advantage of the discounts for the 700's
  7. so that means that multi cores are supported already right ? but is there a limit of how many the game uses ?
  8. thank you for your answer! ;) The reason i thought about those processors is becouse i try to take into consideration the future release of oculus rift and i have no clue how important for high resolutions will be the cpu. Another thing that got me thinking is the fact that the 5820k works with ddr4, and i guess ram is used pretty heavily in dcs. Still i think you may be right, and choosing i5 and spending big on gpu insted may be a way to go ;)
  9. Hi, In about a month i'm buying a new pc, that will be mostly for dcs, and now i'm choosing between i7 4790k and the new i7 5820k. The older one has 4 cores but higher clock speed, and the other has 6 cores, but lower clock. As the edge suppose to be relased this year i hope the fact of how many cores will it support was mentioned already ? Can somebody help me out please ? thanks in advance
  10. From what i know, can't do nothing about that, but if i remember correctly, they were seen as red and blue before, and now when i see them through the cockpit, they appear light grey so it's still better, of course if my memory isn't mistaking me.
  11. Hey guys, I've been messing with labels.lua today trying to make them into dots, without any additional info, and after i did that, time came for finding the right colour, and by right i mean the one that will let me see objects meaningfuly easier but still would require at least some effort, and i think i found it! If you ever had this problem try checking this out (119, 134, 112) ;)
  12. I got the same problem that redbat, but when i put headtracker file into bin the my game crashes after launching a mission. I get really frustreted with dcs. I can't play it without head tracking and i can't find any solution to my problem.
  13. Hello, As edge is coming closer i decided to come back to dcs and even drag my brother into it, but i'm already kind of stuck. I am trying to learn how to use mission editor, i have a problem becouse i can't assign very important advanced waypoint actions or triggered actions to red coalition, as for example attack group or attack unit. There are other orders possible to assign, but none that have anything to do with attacking other units. All of those comands are possible for blue coalition. I've searched for solution in manual but, to my suprise i only found short information that those orders are available only for blue coalition, and i got even more confused, becouse i can't understand why is that, and how can i use mission editor correctly without those options for red coalition. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  14. I tried different speeds so it isn't this, but i didn't know about repair fuction, so i'm gonna try it, thanks ;)
  15. Hello, I had a break from playin dcs for couple of months, and i updated it recently and wanted to start playing my favorite f15, but now i have a weird problem. When i'm on the runway, flaps work fine, but when i start and retract landing gear, then flaps and landing gear stop working at all. I have no idea why is that, any help ?
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