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  1. Watched a video on your WVR F-14 I'm interested in flying on the server soley with the F-14 with some friends. But I saw on video I might not be able to fly it until I kill ground stuff first ? Is that still the case ?
  2. issue ended up being a vertical stack problem, with the awacs the lead bandit climbed up to 30 k, and the other 3 at 20k, so I could either get the lead targeted or the other 3, but not all 4. not a bug
  3. I was testing TWS converting tracks to system tracks and then cycling through targets. Without AWACS it works great. With AWACS I could only ever get it to select the first bandit. NTTR-Mig29A-BVR.miz NTTR-Mig29A-BVR-NoAWACS.miz
  4. ok fix was contrast. I had to greatly fix contrast, not sure why it's so bad on startup in certain lighting conditions
  5. Can you take a screenshot of your settings ?
  6. nullI've been learning to use the Mavs in F-16 and yet, no matter what I do in terms of brightness, I'm unable to use the WPN page - it's blacked out - at best I can make only tiny white dots
  7. has there been any more updates with ED and Varjo - I'd like to see support for eye tracking and foveated rendering.
  8. Most disappointing thing I’ve heard - guess FC3 was a bust for ED then ?
  9. Should be about feature capability not “balance”
  10. yeah, just using latest, when I changed to v02exp, it had me hovering in space even after recentering (G2 headset) requires SteamVR
  11. Is v02exp available ? I didn't see this version - just v208
  12. Works fine for me after latest patch -- with G2 you recenter at the start correct ? I'm using snap right now with auto (my preferred mode) - what is accumulative - is that like a smoother auto turn ?
  13. ok I really need to try this - my only thing I don't like is how it transitions at each step vs smooth Do you have the initial centering button bound ?
  14. Using it now - this is honestly THE best thing ever for VR and DCS
  15. All these post but no links - does it work with G2 ?
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