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  1. i had same prob before update i cleaned the prefetch folder out . odd thing is after update it starts fine. but where are all the players on line
  2. im haveing same prob i clean out the prefetch folder and it will start 3or time then it stops again
  3. I had same prob i had 16gb ram so changed it to 32gb and it works well
  4. yes it has a big memory leek i had same prob so ramped up page file it worked. but long term it s no good for ssd so im adding more ram unless dcs fixes prob
  5. i hope they stop the game crashing back to desk top
  6. im having same prob . crashes back to desk top as im trying to play server
  7. trying to get friends to join server We had same sort of prob .it turned out to be this.so starting new server. in server list set Map from ANY] the the map you want to host
  8. lift lines on canopy or string . remove the cross on pad lock. and remove F5 key from game
  9. well my saved games folder dcs dont look like that
  10. yup waste of time cant fly it same as spit fire just hope the f18 is not same and im bang up to date
  11. where is the mods folder in saved games pls
  12. ok guys it humble pie time fixed thank you. feel better now
  13. well 4 weeks and no fix :mad: cant fly navada map so thinking of removing it waste of cash. sorry its how i feel
  14. Indeed... Before that patch all was fine.now cant use stick in the f15. mig 33 is fine
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