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  1. Final testing, I put only one F15 instead of 2 and all the crash and F15 exploding in mid air disappeared. I am including the same mission as the first post, without the 2nd F15 for comparison test_154_Nocrash.miz
  2. I did some more testing. I removed all my scripts and just tell the F15 to search and destroy the Su25T. The results is very odd. No more CTD but as soon as the the F15 take off the 2nd F15 explode in mid air (ca. 0.55 minutes into the mission) without any reason. test_154_crash.miz
  3. Since 1.5.4 I have this custom mission that keep crashing. It happens 2 minutes in the mission just after the 2 F15 takes off and acquires targets. I tried the mission in 1.5.3 and it works no problem. I also transferred the mission on the Nevada map (2.0.2) to see if it was my script bugging DCS but it works without out any issue. I am including the mission, logs and crash dumps edit: added a.zip of the crash dump # -------------- 20160701-185616 -------------- # C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at B51DEBFF 00:00000000 00000000 00000000 0000:00000000 B51DEBFF 008FEAF0 0000:00000000 ?Parse@viObjectShape@@UEAAXAEAVModelParser@Graphics@@AEBVPosition3@@PEAV?$HeapVector@PEAVVolumeEffect@Graphics@@@@@Z()+3F FCED0CF8 008FEFB0 0000:00000000 FCEFAE4E 008FF120 0000:00000000 FCEBA5A3 008FF160 0000:00000000 B7F7645F 008FF1E0 0000:00000000 B7F769A5 008FF230 0000:00000000 FD1184B8 008FF2A0 0000:00000000 FD11E2D1 008FF300 0000:00000000 FD10DC84 008FF330 0000:00000000 FD10DBD4 008FF360 0000:00000000 FCDED35F 008FFA10 0000:00000000 FD2124E9 008FFA50 0000:00000000 C13B8102 008FFA80 0000:00000000 BaseThreadInitThunk()+22 C381C5B4 008FFAD0 0000:00000000 RtlUserThreadStart()+34 test_sead_pat3.miz Logs.zip
  4. Hi I am trying to detect if a laser spot is inside a zone or not but I don t know if a Spot is an Object or not (i.e can I use world.searchObjects in conjunction with Spot?) test = 'test' local zone = trigger.misc.getZone(test) local Spots = {} local volume = { id = world.VolumeType.SPHERE, params = { point = zone.point, radius = zone.radius } } local jtac = Unit.getByName('jtac') local target = Unit.getByName('target'):getPoint() local ray = Spot.createInfraRed(jtac, {x = 0, y = 1, z = 0}, target, 1337) local spotloc = Spot.getPoint(ray) --trigger.action.smoke(spotloc, trigger.smokeColor.Green) local ifFound = function(Spots, data) trigger.action.smoke(spotloc, trigger.smokeColor.Green) data = Spot:getTypeName() env.info(data .. 'Spot Found') return true end env.info('test') world.searchObjects(Spot.Category.LASER, volume, ifFound, data) Any ideas?
  5. Hi FlightControl, Great Job with MOOSE, I love it. I am trying to play around with the escort script but I have a problem with the escort attacking a target. They see the target but do not fire at it. They just follow me around dutifully even if I told them to shoot at it. What am I doing wrong? Also thank you for rescuing the SEAD script. it will prevent people to suffer through my bad lua programming :music_whistling: test_1.miz
  6. I clicked on the MFCD to select/unselect the bomb. I have been flying for years never noticed before. As I said it might be a feature.
  7. Not sure if it is a bug or a "feature", the DSMS do not save the different setting for the CBU-97. If I select some CBU-97 go into Prof to change to CCRP click save go to setting set the min alt to 500 click save go back to the DSMS unselect the CBU-97 select the CBU-97 go into prof no setting saved I tried the same with the CBU-105 and it is the same story DSMS bug.trk
  8. Same behavior on Creech airport. 2 Su-25T landed perfectly on formation. First one started going round and round on the landing strip looking for a taxiway, until the 2nd plane collided. edit : added track Landing bug.trk
  9. I can confirm the behavior: In ME memory usage just shy of 10 gigs jump to 12 gigs during the mission If I launch the mission directly it only use 7 gigs On the same subject. When I enter DCS the memory usage is 1 Gig,if I launch a mission, memory usage jump to 7 gigs. if I exit the mission and go back to the start screen the memory usage stay at 7 gigs, it does not go back to 1 gig. I did some test if I have 2 missions (Mission A = 7 gigs memory usage; Mission B = 9 gigs memory usage). If I launch Mission A after Mission B the memory usage stay at 9 Gigs, it does not go down to 7 gigs
  10. If the units are set "on road" they move perfectly over the bridge :thumbup: Except one bridge so far (straigh north of Kobuleti 41 53'59"N 41 46'35"E) the units sink into the embankment and pop up once they reach the actual bridge. However if the units are set "off road" they sink in all the embankment leading to the bridge I tried so far. I will try the other bridges and see if there is more.
  11. Ok so not a bug but a feature of Russian engineering. ;)
  12. On the ground with both ramp start or cold start the minimum speed indicated on the HUD is 80 km/h. I crossed check with the non beta version of DCS and the HUD indicate 0 km/h at ramp start. Seems to be a genuine 1.5 bug.
  13. Well I just got a Galax GTX 980 HOF with an I7 4790K running on an LG at 3440x1440 FPS with the A-10 was above 100 constantly With the Mig 21 which use to kill my previous system is now running at 80 FPS if I don t look at the cockpit too much. Looking at the seat the FPS drop down to 60 FPS. With the occulus it is a dream no stutter at all (except for the mig) :pilotfly:
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