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  1. Did you click the 'x' to get out of them? That could delete them
  2. The bug does make it very tricky. I ripped a skid off on a tree before getting to the target point, then repaired it at NATO HQ. Landing on the Argo was "interesting" - and I hope they have a spare rotor on board.
  3. I have missing textures in the English cockpit for the L-39 (C and Z). The Russian cockpit is fine. I am using a default skin (changing to a downloaded skin does not solve it). Uninstalling the L-39 and reinstalling it did not fix the issue. Has anyone seen this before, and does anyone know how to fix it? I have not seen it in any other aircraft.
  4. Same thing here, both in mission editor preview and trying the Harrier in persian gulf Dynamic campaign through DCE.
  5. I enjoy the campaign (not finished yet, but plan to), and find the missions to be lots of fun. The story makes sense (with a little bit of suspension of disbelief to make aan F-86 usable), and the opponents are challenging without being crazy. I'd say an editor or proofreader to go over the mission briefings would be well placed though - many misplaced apostrophes really stand out to me.
  6. Thank you, and sorry I missed the existing report! And happy new year, I look forward to finishing the campaign in 2019 :)
  7. I keep CTDing on this mission just after I get the radio message telling me what to attack. My computer is a bit on the low spec side (laptop, 8 gigs of ram, etc), so is it possible that my system is just struggling to keep up and crashing out? There is no dcs.crash file, and here is the dcs.log file:
  8. I just flew the mission, and the first time it all worked as intended, including the 'surprise'. I had to repeat it, and the second time the rescue helo sent the 'lifting off' message, but sat on the ground. Using the F-86 version, latest DCS 2.5
  9. This is a bit of an annoyance, that will have cost me a bit of money. You cannot buy campaigns unless you own the terrain needed to fly on them. Ok, that's fair enough. But you should be able to buy them at the same time - e.g. buy the Nevada terrain along with some of the campaigns that need Nevada. Any non-US customers likely face a small 'international transaction fee' on each purchase (a flat fee, not a % fee), so I just got hit twice by that fee, due to needing to buy the terrain as one purchase, then campaigns as a second purchase.
  10. Thanks, I'll probably stick with 1.5 for a while and finish my in-progress campaigns, then look at upgrade options.
  11. My laptop runs DCS 1.5 pretty well - good graphics settings, 60FPS, etc. However, I've heard that 2.5 is much more demanding, so I am wondering if I should stick with 1.5 and enjoy the campaigns I haven't finished, single player and so on, or upgrade to 2.5 Some stats from it: Processor: Intel® Core i7-6700HQ CPU @ 2.60GHz (8 CPUs), ~2.6GHz Memory: 8192MB RAM Available OS Memory: 8146MB RAM Card name: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980M Manufacturer: NVIDIA Chip type: GeForce GTX 980M Display Memory: 8126 MB Dedicated Memory: 4053 MB Shared Memory: 4072 MB Will that run 2.5 at reasonable settings (say medium graphics quality, 30 or so FPS)? In case it matters, the screen res is 1920x1080, no VR or anything like that.
  12. Does anyone know what graphics setting controls the gun smoke? Currently whenever I fire the guns in the Sabre my FPS drops by a rather large amount. Naturally this makes actually hitting anything rather difficult, so I would like to change the smoke graphics to less detail. Does anyone know what options to play with for this?
  13. A little bump, and requests for help. I am having the same problem, although with a different leadup. I have a few DCS products bought/installed, but hadn't played them for a while. Today my shiny new first pair of rudder pedals arrived, so I loaded up DCS. After the update, I got in game, and while loading a Huey mission it asked me for the SU-25 activation code. I haven't bought the SU-25....
  14. While stooging around in the UH-1, I decided to try landing on the wing of a parked plane. It predictably didn't go so well. But most interestingly, after the crash my Huey was suspended in midair. I figured it comes under bug reports. There is also the issue of the detached part having a different skin, but someone else already posted that in the huey forums.
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