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  1. I agree with you but my concern is that this poor guy is alone
  2. How an entire module just has one dev on it? if your guy quits what happens to the module?
  3. Great but you said you have no ressources for this module. Unacceptable that devs break a module and don't have time to solve their error
  4. Since the new FLIR system it's almost impossible to detect targets with TGP! In A-10 we don't have a CP/G that can play with gain and contrast levels to see something! I can understand that no devs are available to add functionnalities to the plane but, i can't understand that they break the plane and dont care to repair it!
  5. Can you give more infos about how you manage that?
  6. Your plane needs to know what you are aiming. First do a LSS (laser search) to find what target the Reaper is lasing. Define it as SPI, and you will have your reticle
  7. You can create one Skin by member with his number like you want it to be, then they choose the skin matching their number.
  8. Can we drive a cow???
  9. So am i, i support ED since Flanker 2.5, and if you look at my account you can see i have bought a lot of modules, but as a normal consumer i'm ready to play the game of early access, but i want ED to give me some respect. I'm sorry to say that but i dont feel respected!
  10. that's the point : We are weak and they know it! They managed to sell three times the KA-50 to same people, why bother??? And how many : "Shut-up and take my money" i have read!!!
  11. Maybe devs don't take time to resolve it because this radio will be replaced by ARC-210, wich will come... Soon?!
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