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  1. As usual: Lovely mod! Fantastic work. As a little point of constructive criticsm: THe trees do contrast quite a bit against the lighter forest texture, so there is some visible popping as they appear. Darkening the forest texture to match the shade of the trees would make it even better. Thanks anyway- great improvement:)
  2. +1000 for improved night lighting. It literally has been years and years since it was brought up. Strangely, Syria, which came years later than PG has much poorer lighting than the Gulf. Why this technology is not ported over to the other maps is hard to understand- given how well it works in PG. But the NTTR have waited the longest and should have it's due.
  3. Are you familiar with OVGME? If not, then check it out. It is worth learning. I assume you don't know- otherwise you would have known the install procedure: You have not matched the folder structure. As you can see, there is a 'mods' folder inside the download. This 'mods' folder needs to merge with the 'mods' folder in your main game install. The advantage of OVGME (And JSGME) is that you can toggle it- rather than overwriting original gamefiles.
  4. Ground textures are a bit weird- sometimes they pass IC, sometimes not. If you installed it correctly you graphics will be as in the OP. The change is unmistakeable.
  5. It works as always. Use it all the time. You have most likely got the installation structure wrong. Keep in mind: This goes (Via OVGME preferably) into the MAIN install, not the SavedGames folder.
  6. Yeah- that worked! But I would still like to know if anyone knews the lines in the LUAs. I'd like to tweak the axiz etx- as the camera is a bit offset when the camera gets closer.
  7. There is a new 'Wingman camera' option now added to many (But not all) aircraft using Alt-F4 (Yikes!). This type of dynamic chase camera is a welcome addition of a classic view mode. However- I find the range of the "chase camera" too far away. Anyone know where in the LUA archive this distance can be adjusted?
  8. As of last patch April 2022, myself and my F-14 squadmates are experiencing constant/continuous, very small, but very noticable stutters/up and down movement on the supercarrier deck. The Hornet pilots did not (to my knowledge) experience in.
  9. Any update on those new ships, specifically the supply ship?
  10. My My MP wing have had much enjoyment using your ship pack. Can't wait for the update!
  11. Just to let you guys know: I have working kneeboards for this map- and I don't mean aircraft specific, but mission specific. Inside the .miz file I have the following folders (Note the name in CAPITALS). KNEEBOARD/IMAGES .png files in this folder shows up for all AC flying the mission. (I think I read somewhere that the issue for some strange reason was that people did not write in capitals, which seems strange- but anyhow- working for myself and my group just fine).
  12. ... coming later according to the "2022 and beyond" video, (And verified to be Normandy, NOT a Channel map update) can the developers please use the opportunity to change the overly bright/lime colourscheme that has been a standing issue with this map since release? I think that Normandy has grown into a very good map (the center area- not the outlying areas) with some excellent modelling, great field/crops detail (Much better than the Channel) and with good performance to boot! I applaud the developers for this. However, the unnatural colours have been a running thing with the map, which got toned somewhat in an earlier update- is still a huge fly in the soup. Check Barthek retexture mod and notice the great contrast: I am not saying this to disrespect the developers, I just wish the best for the map and it's development, so that we can have the most believable and visually appealing map as we can within the limits of DCS. Can't wait to see what Ugra has in store- fingers crossed!
  13. It seems to be stemming from late activation: My tankers (Tex 1+2 etc) are activated by a simple script. When they come "alive", freqs, tacan, behavior etc is correct: but they have all the same name: Texaco 1.
  14. I could provide a track, but I am using mods. Btw- this is a MP mission (played offline though- with clients). Also- this is not the first time with this problem. I'll see if I can duplicate and send a mission.
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