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  1. Well, anyway, I mean the Principe Hazan base, which is about 26NM northeast of the base in Azaraq and is just on the edge of the current map of Syria,
  2. great news :), just a little further south in Jordan and it would be perfect.
  3. The base that would be perfect in this map is the air base in Azraq but if it is too south of the limits of the map, the prince Hazan air base would be a great contribution to this map, it is a large base with space for small and large planes I wish it could be integrated
  4. Brilliant. Syria is looking great, surely Kobani will also be there, which now does not exist or the Qal'at Ja'bar castle. If we add to all this the Shaheed Mwaffaq air base in Jordan, it would be my perfect map.
  5. Apparently there is good news about eastern Syria in the new AH-64 video https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/97330-dcs-roadmap-unofficial-no-discussion-here/?do=findComment&comment=4814780
  6. In these last two updates the FPS lowered a lot and the only visual change is the water and its reflections, knowing that the water is under the entire map in DCS including under the ground, this is the most likely factor of the low performance, Before that I had the water on HIGH now I put it on MEDIUM but still it shoots a lot less FPS than before.
  7. I think it has to do with the new reflections of the water, when flying very low in the water the FPS in my case drops a lot, in the past it never did.
  8. I keep trying and it gives the same result, it is clearly seen that a GBU-31 (v) 4 / B dropped from an F16 on a shelter (tested at the AL-Tabqa airport) the bomb penetrates the shelter and explodes on the floor leaving a crater in it, the same bomb in an F-18 explodes on the roof of the bunker and leaves no crater on the floor confirming that it did not penetrate, all this with the correct fuze settings on both planes.
  9. The GBU-31 delay fuze work for me in the F-16C but no in the F-18, in the F-18 only work GBU-10 and 12.
  10. This is not working on the Hornet right now or did I miss something? because the F-16C is working perfect for now, someone else tried?
  11. Thank you very much for Ugra for the new update, Cyprus is amazing! Can we expect an update on the other side of the Euphrates as the next step or is this all we will see on the map? I wish with my soul that this is not the end of this incredible map.
  12. Every effort is welcome and apparently all those details in Cyprus require a great effort and it is appreciated, for my part if I agree that I would rather see things like Qal'at Ja'bar on the Euphrates than a pool with no strategic value, the most of us we will fly north of the Euphrates to drop our loads and that is where we now need more detail, I trust that Ugra hard work will give us more details in those areas.
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