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  1. I see in the tutorials that in the SMS screen there is a square box drawn around the selected weapon station. I can't find how to get this box drawn and therefore am unable to launch a weapon. How do you get the box drawn?
  2. The latest FA-18 update stated that an option has been added which allows slewing the maverick without having to depress the TDC. How to you access that option?
  3. If you have Windows 10 you can use the 'Game Bar'. When flying in DCS press the keys Win-G to bring up the bar you use to start and stop recording. The clip is saved in C:/username/videos/captures folder. Make sure 'Game Bar' is turned on in Windows Settings.
  4. Since I didn't purchase the PG map which I have installed how can I remove it? I don't want it taking up all that disc space.
  5. If I download the free-weekend PG map and decide not to purchase it, will the install be automatically removed from my hard drive or will it just stay there?
  6. Boat race anyone?
  7. In Microsoft FSX you can change the graphic options, time of day, weather, and aircraft location without quitting the mission. I wish DCS could do this. The slew function is also desirable.
  8. If you are having trouble with the visibility of the A-10C hud you can try changing the hud color. The color is specified in a file located here (your hard drive letter may differ): "D:\DCS World 2 OpenAlpha\Mods\aircraft\A-10C\Cockpit\Scripts\HUD\Indicator\HUD_init.lua" You can edit this file with any text editor. Scroll down to the last two lines: day_color = {0, 255/255, 0, 255/255} night_color = {243/255, 116/255, 13/255, 255/255} The first three numbers specify the red, green, and blue components of the color. In this case the red would be zero, the green would be one (255/255), the blue would be zero. This gives the standard green color. You can change these values. I find that for daylight black is visible in most conditions (the three values would be changed to 0,0,0. Also, during flight you can change between the day and night colors. Look in the controls listing for something like "switch day and night hud" and assign a keyboard combination to enable this command. Be aware that any new updates will wipe out these changes and restore the default green color. What I do is save a copy of my version and substitute it for the updated version. You can also vary the intensity of the hud with the "intensity" rocker switch beneath the hud screen.
  9. Where is autoexec.cfg located to make alt-F4 work?
  10. Does anyone know in which file those available colors are defined. I would like to make a black color option.
  11. Anyone know how to change the color of the F15 HUD graphics. I can do this for the A10 in a file called hud_init.lua, but I cannot find such a file for the F15.
  12. I don't think it would be too much to ask ED to provide a simple, stand-alone, conversion utility. Input 1.2 miz file, output 2.0 miz file. If it's just a matter of converting locations from one coordinate system to another I'm sure ED knows the necessary mathematical transformation function.
  13. When the Caucasus map is modified to work in 2.0 will the mission files created for 1.2/1.5 work in 2.0?
  14. I think you should leave 1.5 available for those of us with computers too slow to run 2.0 smoothly. It is much better than 1.2 and opens up a customer data pool that is unable to go with 2.0.
  15. I did a comparison between flying in 1.5 and flying in 2.0 open desert. Performance is still definitely better with 1.5 although the framerate in 2.0 is indeed better in the open desert compared with Las Vegas city.
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