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  1. Totally agree, It’s very tricky to tell the difference between 0’s and 8’s (especially in VR)
  2. That’s absolutely wonderful news, you’re the best and thank you! :)
  3. I would love to get a ballpark estimate, even something within a month would be great.. so many folks have been waiting the better part of a year for VKB stuff to become available,lol.
  4. I do hope for (and the devs have said they’re working on) some multithreaded/multicored optimization coming at some point, mostly because as the level of the simulation in-game expands to include (hopefully) larger scale battles with more units (maybe dynamic campaign) we can only expect that the limitation on performance will be the CPU... and it looks like single-core performance isn’t increasing fast enough to keep pace. I feel like the ultimate “end game” of DCS immersion is high fidelity, high FPS VR in a game world that mimics an actual battlefield, and for that to be achieved we will definitey need more optimization.
  5. Hi all, I’ve been trying for an hour to get an LMAV to fire from my harrier. I’ve laser a target with the tpod, with the laser set to fire (not training). The LMAV has detected the laser (highlighted square appears in uncaged maverick crosshair on screen), and hud shows “in range”, and the master arm switch is up, but the maverick will not fire or release. I’ve followed Chuck’s Guide, several youtube videos, and other random stuff on the internet but I can’t get it to work. Any advice/tips/pointers? Maybe some setting that i have somehow forgotten or missed? Thanks in advance!
  6. Huh, thats interesting. Can we jettison the launchers yet? I remember trying a while back and it didn’t work?
  7. Hello and welcome to the community! As another player who started relatively recently, I thought I would chime in and offer my $0.02 I have found that one of the best places to find people who are playing as a group consistently are some of the "dynamic campaign" style multiplayer servers. They usually operate as if a real-time war is going on 24/7, and players often work together either in small informal groups as they happen upon eachother in-game or as large planned groups to carry out specific missions. For me, personally, this type of gameplay is my absolute favorite because it gives some sense of purpose to flying. The groups that I've found that do this type of thing are: Dynamic DCS: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=208608 Georgia at War: https://wiki.hoggitworld.com/view/Georgia_At_War Blue Flag: http://gadget.buddyspike.net/ Fly safe!
  8. Wow, thank you guys SO MUCH for the incredibly fast responses! I think I'm just gonna grab a Huey module and an A-10 one for now, I'll wait for the standalone mods for the F-15 or 16 or equivalent to come out whenever they do.
  9. Hi all, I am new to the whole DCS World ecosystem, and am looking into grabbing some of the "modules" while they are on sale this week. However, when I went to purchase the Flaming Cliffs 3 module, it had a warning stating that it could not be used without a previous version of Flaming Cliffs(which I do not have, and does not seem to be available in the store.) My question is simply: Will Flaming Cliffs work if I only have the main DCS World downloaded, or do I need to track down an old disk copy of a previous version of Flaming Cliffs in order to get it to work? Thanks in advance for your time and consideration!:helpsmilie:
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