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  1. I've searched and I can't seem to find anything, so I'll ask here. How do you get Viacom to "find" voice attack if it's the Steam version of voice attack? TIA
  2. Thank you for getting her off the ground and best of luck moving forward!
  3. I tried the antler route, but mine kept going "spang" and flying across the room. How did you secure them?
  4. Darpa14

    Zoom and the X56

    Same, however if you zoom in and out that quiets it down so it stops jittering.
  5. That is exactly what I have done. Works fine.
  6. Darpa14

    Zoom and the X56

    I will try a bigger deadzone and see if that helps any. I think mine's only about 2 or so.
  7. Darpa14

    Zoom and the X56

    It seems to be pretty normal for me as well. Perhaps someone knows a trick to help with it, but I'm stumped.
  8. I've had mine for right at a year. Other than field stripping the throttle base (which is really very simple) to get the stick-um out of it, I've had zero problems with it.
  9. I would agree since they evidently haven't been incorporated.
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