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  1. Thanks Flappie, I was suspicious of the Ram. Thanks for the input. Will trouble shoot.
  2. Can I ask someone to look at the logs and express an opinion on what could be causing the crash. No GPU overclock or mods installed. Recently moved from Rift S to HP G2. CPU 9700K GPU RTX 2080 OC 64 GB Ram dcs.20220227-055259.crash dcs.20220227-055259.dmp
  3. Great interview of a buddy of mine about operating and flying his Mig 15.
  4. Warping is making the online experience extremely poor. It is an issue and a big one. I enjoy the sim very much but I fly exclusively in MP and it makes it difficult to sell new comers on DCS with the current state of the MP experience.
  5. I found my issue recording in OBS. Had to uncheck "Use DCS System Resolution" and set "Mirror Eye Source" to Left, (or right as you prefer), check "Crop To Rectangle" By doing so I was able to get the proper aspect ratio in OBS window for recording purposes. I also find the if I don't use Alt+Enter for full screen mode my mouse tends to stutter in cockpit. I always use Alt+Enter since it provides a larger clickable area in the cockpit while in VR.
  6. I agree but it has made recording with OBS difficult.
  7. I have the same issue using the Rift-S. My monitor is 1920x1080 and upon launch the sim fills the entire screen. I have full screen unchecked. Will try some of the remedies suggested here. This has messed up my OBS recordings in that the aircraft renders out of proportion. A by product of the problem no doubt.
  8. Thanks for the reply, will let you know.
  9. Posting log file for a squad mate. Having issues each time on Syria map. We use Super Carrier. It appears to be DX11 memory errors. He does not overclock. Any input would be appreciated. dcs.log
  10. Did some testing today by removing the OC on my GPU and dumbing down the NVidia graphic settings. Flew the mission on the squadron server that has been crashing for me and this time no crash. I then added back Nvidia graphic settings and flew the mission again and no crash. Still have more tweaking to do but it would appear it is caused by a combination of the over clock and Nvidia graphic settings. The interesting thing to me is the over clock was stable for months so I am suspicious of the latest update.
  11. I fly multiplayer servers. I can fly a mission for most of a mission then at some point, (an hour or so into the mission). VR lockup and CTD. Logs attached. Specs I7 9700 - Overclock Steady 5.0 GPU - RTS 2080 ROG STRIX OC - Mild over clock 300mhz (up until the last update overclock was 700 mhz) RAM 32 GB Use OCULUS Tray Tool, PD set at 1.5. ( have run 1.6 with since I got the Rift S about a year) Frame rates on Supercarrier 25 FPS looking at the island and 40 off the bow. With in game ASW off 50-60 FPS out to sea I recall similar situation about 18 months ago and the overclock GPU was causing issues then an update seemed to fix this. I have run slow repair. Thank you in advance for the input. dcs.20210119-034927.dmp dcs.log dcs.20210119-034927.crash
  12. Thanks for the input. Are you suggesting GPU Memory or RAM? Can you expand further on what you mean by swap file? Thanks again.
  13. Our Squadron have had multiple CTD's using the Syria Map on our server. We have twelve pilots flying these missions. I have had three CTD's two during January 9th and one during the Jan 13th mission. Can anyone tell me by looking at the crash files what is happening? Also, following the my CTD on the January 13 flight I signed back in and flew the rest of the mission. dcs.20210110-032716.crash dcs.20210110-032716.dmp dcs.20210110-024741.crash dcs.20210110-024741.dmp dcs.20210114-022657.crash dcs.log
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