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  1. As Chuck says after using SPRD... "you can now buy a new pair of underwear" :)
  2. Win8.1 here. Haven´t any issues with it, gameplay is smooth, no hangs, no problems that I am aware of.
  3. That's what I thought, so would be awesome if they get the remainding information needed to complete data for a MLD version. The R73 will be a game changer for the Mig23 in MP.
  4. This is one of the most wanted red birds. Even in early state I got chills on my back. Cannot wait for the new thread on R-24 real data performance :-)
  5. Guys congratulations! Will be amazing to have the Mig23 as a module on DCS.
  6. Akki

    Su-17M4 mod

    Hey guys, do you know if a newer 3d model exists for this one?
  7. Dcs will not be complete until we have enough DCS level red forces. F14's backed up by F18's and F5's fighting Mig 21's? With some mix of Vigens and Mirages.. We will need Mig 23, Mig 25 or Su 22 perhaps a Su33 at Dcs level.
  8. Thanks Starway! I have apply the DDS files and my framerate got a nice boost. Congratulations! Your textures looks better with each update.
  9. Please look at the scenery now for all Mig21 pilots that swim through mountains in every sortie. Many thanks Starway!!!
  10. Keep going guys! Donate first and ask later :P
  11. I would pay for another Mig21 variant from Leatherneck anytime. One that fits Vietnam or a modern version. Just can't get enough of 21's. Amazing simulation. With diversity in mind I would pay 50$ or more for a Mig23 (any version) that could join 21's in attack sorties. With the similarities of both planes in aircraft systems I think is a reasonable asumption that both will be good sellers and fun birds to fly.
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