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  1. Народ а где скачать можно?
  2. Right, I don't know exactly what happened on this thread but I got 3 statements to make: 1)Game will be released when it is ready, and not earlier. No amount of ranting is going to solve that. Full stop. 2)Kenan, check your PM's 3)Next person who swears gets a day's vacation, one after next - 2, and so on untill all sharp-toungue's over here are disposed of. Does anyone have any quesions? {REGARDS} BIOLOG
  3. It was his final warning last time, and I was the one who gave it. So, while your're enjoying your 10 days of well-deserved rest, I suggest you concider the following: 1)Buying yourself a silencer 2)Use the following tactic when writing future posts: Read the thread, think whether post is necessary TWICE, write your post, POLITELY, MAKING SURE THAT YOU DON'T OFFEND ANYONE, think whether your post is necessary AGAIN, checking that your post is polite AGAIN, and then clicking a submit button. And God forbid I get any more emails, about your childish behavior, cause if I do, I will get your *** out of these forums once and for all. Your last post was disspeakable (pardon bad spelling), and extremely ungrateful to someone who is spending so much of his time, trying to improve the Sim for the community. Sorry if I seem a bit impolite, everyone, but I'm slightly "annoyed" with "someone" at this time.
  4. I think you ment 128 chaff, and 64 flares Teka-Teka?
  5. Poko24 your conduct was unacceptable, and now you have 10 days to chill out. Only reason it's not a permanent ban is because you deleted post yourself, and admitted that you were very rude. If after you come back you EVER post something like that again, U'll get a permanent ban. {REGARDS} BIOLOG
  6. Oh god... Now don't think that this is exclusive list but... * LHX (must have been something like 286) * F-19 * Raptor * Novalogic MiG-29, F-16, F-22 * Flanker 2, 2.5, 2.51 * LOMAC, FC, BS * Ka-52: Team Alligator * F/A-18 Operation Iraqi Freedom * Il 2 and it's subsequent addons * Eurofighter Typhoon + addon (loved that game, graphics was awesome, although FM and futuristic scenarious sucked) *Battle of Britan *Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator 1/2/3/2002/2004 *Slipstream 5000 (not really a sim, but fun!) *Striking Force *F-16 Fighting Falcon (electronic failures were rather amusing!) *F/A-18 *X-Plane 6 *Orbiter *Red Tornado *Falcon 4 (very briefly me thinks) *Jetfighter 4,5 (possibly 3) Possibly missed some. Some of the above titles, are only memories from childhood (LHX, mmmm), some didn't stay on harddrive very long, others keep on reappearing in it from time to time... Lol, I know I'm sad....:music_whistling:
  7. Very Nice! Although I hink you lost some AA on the 4th one, otherwise it would have been great! Cheers, BIOLOG
  8. Last warning i 185. Stop spamming. U now have 50% permanent warning level. Any more spam, or forum members complaints - and you're on vacation. {REGARDS} BIOLOG
  9. He-heh. Here is some memories from weapon system beta testing mission I was doing: Get yourself a MiG-29 and put a couple of FAB-500 on it, then fly at 10-25 meters (25 is better, at least you'll be able to fly for a couple of seconds, or fall rather) and drop the bombs, while doing about 700. Now I don't remember exact ranges mut it might still work at about 50 meters, and you may be able to fly faster, but not sure. {REGARDS} BIOLOG
  10. Well, you can cut down pretty much any plane, depending on what manuver you chose. Winning a turning flight with mirage takes some sakill though, I only won a couple of these. On other hand if you go vertical straight away, you might well catch him after the first pass.
  11. Heheh, now if you show me a track of you defeating Mirage-2000C AI set on excellent, then I'll be impressed
  12. Chill out everyone :) . There will always be ppl who exploit the internet to be rude and behave like smart***es. However these ppl should geneally be ignored, as their behavior can most often be attributed to their lack of life, if you see what I mean... I think an old Russian saying comes true here "The dog is barcking, and the wind blows it away". Hmm, I hope that made sence. {REGARDS} BIOLOG
  13. Don't get E6400, get E6600. It's your best bet. Not too expensive, and VERY overclockable. Save on the ram and go for that processor. You will not regret it. Have you concidered nVidia cards btw?
  14. Right, the only reason I'm not closing this, is because it was good for most part, except last 3 pages. And I think it has the potential to get back on track. I for one found out something new on the "nice part of the thread". Now I'll make it pure and simple. This anti-american or anti-serb or anti-NATO or anti-whatever stuff violates the rules as severely as you can get. So next person who will dare to post any political bashing or any nationalistic statements will get a day's vacation. Especially this applies to =4c= Hajduk Veljko, nscode, D-Scythe, Ruggbutt. And can the latter two check their PM boxes please. Get on track and please grow up. At the moment some of you behave like children. {REGARDS} BIOLOG
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