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  1. Hi with the next arrival of CRUS PAGE !! (thanks) I would like to bump this post because there's still the clock problem in multiplayer. On each flight with F16, time on DED is not the same for different planes. It can be minutes ! Thanks for looking and correcting that made a little test, in MP server : As you can see , 18 seconds between screenshots, and 1min47 between clocks ?
  2. Hi still not working for test knob but not a very big problem, everything else is just perfect !! thanks
  3. do you use DCS DTC ? I think it's the problem : by default all threats are disabled, you have to check them
  4. Hi all my F16 team noticed there is a big change in RWS locking target behaviour. We were able to directly bug a brick before patch, it's no more the case in a lot of situations. It's hard to correclty report the bug because of the current DCS track system. And with this bug/problem/modification, F16 became very bad in BVR, as we can't bug and fire a fox3 during a few seconds after brick is on the target... edit : in TWS, we still can bug all target direclty when they come as a brick
  5. Hi I had exactly the same problem yesterday : my friend was full of SAM on HAD page, I was just near of him, no contact. Even with SAM firing on me , still no contact
  6. DX13 is DMS down for me, so I want to be able to make long press. I tested MapKey(&Joystick, H3D, CHAIN(DX13, PULSE+R_SHIFT+'h')); DX13 works, not Rshift+h MapKey(&Joystick, H3D, PULSE+R_SHIFT+'h', DX13); Rshift+h works, not DX13 if you can help me thanks
  7. oh nice ok thanks, and on steam VR ? because I can't use OpenXR for the moment
  8. Hi I just have a question for Aero : is there still shimmering ? shadows, buildings, lines ... thanks !
  9. We were unti last patch always able to bug a blank full square in FCR. Now we can't
  10. it's the blue one, a 6 way rotary I use it for other fuel selection 5 button know too, like in the F16
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