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  1. I like it - fast way to practice! Technically - it is case II or? Sry nitbitting
  2. Same observation here - LTD/R switch can't be right clicked to flip to up/on position. minor/cosmetic bug though...
  3. I'd prefer not to have user comments in the official update section... because - it's official...
  4. Lucky me - was able to land the bird 1st hand. Realized, that the engines are still running!
  5. Starting the mission thrust is set and my Hornet begins to taxi into the fuel truck wich for what ever reason is parking just in front of the plane.
  6. I did land on the carrier, got that 'failure' but was able to continue with 100pts to the next mission.
  7. Bought. Reading manual. Printing maps. Watching tutorial. Planning.
  8. Be prepared for some nice xwind recoveries on the carrier since it is not changing it's heading according to changing wind direction afaik.
  9. What an amazing week. Eight days to finish all four phases of this incredible mission. Super. One tough nut to crack was Hama Airfield - we were not able to call anything to help like it was possible with all the other bases. Dunno if intentional or why this place was just not in the list of bases the player is able to call support to. Anyways - thank you alot for creating this theatre. I will definetly come to see the next play!
  10. And just for clarification - only two spots to load cargo into the transport helicopters are the two existing farps london and paris? One can not 'advance' pick up points further 'to the front' like on new conquered airbases?
  11. Ok, after one day off, today we were able to finish phase one - an absolut blast I am having with that immersion of beeing part in an on going bigger conflict. This is the best PvE mission I played within the last 12 years. Gold.
  12. Ok, Huey overheated due to overloading - weapons and cargo. For what ever reason the weapons havn't been shown in F2 view. And yes, I double checked when I became aware of the temp problem... Now I flew a cargo mission without a flaw by telling ground crew to demount any weapons prior to the cargo mission. Dunno if Huey in this mission is intended for more combat or transport missions - mybe set empty weapon loadout as default? From what I see in the F10 map farp Paris is set to 172MHz? That frequency seems to be out of the Huey's radio freq ranges?
  13. 1. It might just be a bit dissapointing for a new player to spwan into a pile of rubble, that was more or less my point. I do like that was more or less my point. It was a bit unlucky though, that I was sitting at that spawn point for to long. I might move out of the covered stand next time before I program my waypoints. 2. looks like for the weapons I do need lat long coords anyways, so not a biggi. 3. Nice! 4. Will check it for another time, had no weapons loaded at that first attempt. 5. Very good, just wanted to be sure. Have to have a much better eye on those low level flights. Nice!
  14. For the 2nd time I joined an online server running it - I love the idea of the mission and it's complexity. One occasion - and I am just not sure if it is intended: Sitting in one FA18 in Ramat preparing the flight (programming waypoint of the task) I got attacked by a Su24 strike and killed, that attack collapsed the shelter. Unfortunately from now on these spawnpoints are no longer usable coz for obvious reasons you are now spawning into that pile of rubble rendering these spawnpoints useless. Now that we have the ability to enter waypoint coordinates as MGRS - can you add MGRS for the mission task (F4) coordinates to be able to use them? Awacs is beeing shot down quite often - I'd think it would fly with some cover as it is a really high value asset? Trying to ferry some cargo with the huey from farp paris - turbines got overheated mid flight - maybe the load is quite a bit to high for the hey at the temperatures of the area? I pretty much kept an eye on it but was flying with around 100knots and the gas gen was at or above red line, killing the engine. Are the red cap flights spawning mid air? Running a SEAD mission from carrier I got attacked and killed by a mig21 with no notice by awacs or dl (SA) page. Might be intended but mig21 is not know for its stealthiness Just a few thoughts. I am very much intersted in this mission so far - keep up the nice work!
  15. So the question will be - what is best for DCS? Will DCS make use of DLSS? From what I do understand so far is - and plz correct me if I got the wrong picture - that AMD uses/supports a more 'common' or in line with DX12 standard than nVidia trying to establish a maybe better but more 'proprietary' approach? So for me the choice atm would be 6800XT over RTX3080 - better price, better thermals and the more 'conservative' approach - more VRam instead fancy software/hardware solution?
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