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  1. I tried it also with the A-10C2 and it has the same effect, a release below HOF deploys the bomblets immediately. The CBU-97 is also opening immediately. The "dumb" cluster munitions don't seem affected.
  2. Hello @BIGNEWY, Here are the tracks. One is release below HOF (1500ft), second one is release above HOF. Hope it helps, TestCBU105high.trk TestCBU105low.trk
  3. Hello guys, thanks for the answers but it doesn't really answer my question. The question was more "If I set a burst height of 1500ft and release the bomb below it in a lofting trajectory will it open immediately or not ?" @BIGNEWY I'll get a track done ASAP. Cheers,
  4. Hello, Is there an arming delay applied on the CBU-105 already ? I tried to loft them and am pretty sure they opened their canisters because I released them too low. I believe this shouldn't happen ? Regards,
  5. Can confirm, was about to start a thread myself. The bank markers in the VDI also stay red when you go from red to green.
  6. Hello, just a question. Is there any way to tweak the radio distortion of SRS ? It's too distorted in my opinion. Many videos of Military/Civilian communications are available and almost none are as distorted. It's especially annoying for Pilot-RIO interactions. Thanks,
  7. I understand frustration but I believe it is hypocritical to ask unrealistic things from a developer trying their best to be as realistic as possible. Whatever the implications in the MP environment may be. Wouldn't it be better to ask ED missiles to match closer to the performances of real missiles ?
  8. Hello, I was wondering if it would be possible to add an indicator of when the MIL power range stops and AB starts in the axis settings screen. Would be very useful for quick settings of throttles. Regards,
  9. Hello folks, I read in the changelog that drag curves were adjusted along with engine power. It seemed to have improved imho but I had a weird thing happening in a multiplayer mission with a friend in the back seat. We flew along fine, had a nice couple of engagements which left us with around 9000 pounds of fuel, two empty tanks and two 9Ms. On final I noticed I had trouble maintaining profile with speedbrake and DLC up. Got those tucked back in and still, the jet felt sluggish. I thought about being in the second regime and didn't investigate further. We touched the runway, had a weird bug where the RIO saw us jump up and down +-1000ft (yes, yes, heavy landings and all that) and we went around. I noticed again the jet being underpowered but again, thought it was just a feeling. We went to the boat with what fuel we had left and at the initial, 800ft level, wings swept back, I ajusted 4000lbs per engine to have around 400kts (as Mr Victory205 recommends). And there I noticed I coudn't get even 340kts. After that the entire Case 1 felt really sluggish again. Am I missing something ? Do you think the plane had a problem during the flight ? Bug ? Cheers,
  10. +1 And to be honest, a proper mission preparation where you can add threat rings, edit your flight plan and configure your loadout/ECMS/radio presets before entering the cockpit would be a great addition to all aircrafts.
  11. Would it be possible to alter the data normally found in a fighter's datacard ? By that I mean altering the flightplan after the mission is created, adding threat circles and lines to have a better SA with the EHSI/Moving Map, deciding in advance what preset corresponds to what radio frequency, altering laser codes, etc. I would love a tool that allows me to setup the avionics before entering the cockpit, a sort of briefing room shared by players. Cheers,
  12. I think the lines you're talking about are the limit of the pod before the image is being masked by the aircraft. The blast radius circle was implemented with the Sniper XR if I recall well.
  13. @lemoen : No, you don't get the point. For people with only the F-18, it gives them the possibility to define two teams. It's essentially like changing the paint scheme of the aircraft, but for the radar.
  14. Hello, Is it possible to have an option to set the F-18 as "Agressor" ? By that I mean that the signal from that F-18 would read "Mig-29" or "Some kind of ennemy aircraft". (I believe the actual F-16 and F-15 in the 64th do that IRL). It would allow more flexibility for PvP (and PvE) for people that do not own other modules or do not want to fly other aircraft. Thanks, Aru
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