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  1. Look in the Building_Textures.zip for konteiner_brown2.bmp.dds and in the Landtextures.zip for vorota-1.bmp.dds ;).
  2. The Su25 and Su-25T Cockpits should normally use the same seat texture as "pribory-09-27.tga.dds". The Su25 but now uses the "pribory-9-27.tga.dds".
  3. You have a "pribory-09-27.tga.dds" in your package not the "pribory-9-27.tga.dds" which has been mapped in the Su25 cockpit ;). Rather an error in the mapping of the SU25 cockpit.
  4. Mustang, the current Su25 Cockpit use the "pribory-9-27.tga.dds" texture for the seat. Still missing in your package and in the original...
  5. @Mustang, the texture "pribory-9-27.tga.dds" is missing in the Su25 Cockpit. Its the Seat Texture (old file pribory-09-27.tga.dds). This is also in the original version ;).
  6. What else should come from you Luse. You're not properly informed...
  7. I work on a Textureupdate package for DCSW with one or another 3d model update (priority for the outdated bases). It will be available free. Too bad, that we can not create complete DSCW Scenerys at the Moment. So many things would be possible ...
  8. Rocky, throw a look at the FPS right near your grass surfaces if you are using many of them in the DCS Engine ;).
  9. you can learn everything important to the Su-25t ;).
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