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  1. Checked again after latest patch and the engine sounds are absent from numerous CA vehicles. Didn't have a long time to test but the Bradley and Vulcan are broken and on the red side T-80U, T-55 and Shilka all have no engine sound. I'm sure all the CA community would appreciate a fast fix on this as it really affect immersion making it for me unplayable at present. PS I only tested this out on multi-player
  2. Driving a T-55 evening last on the cold war server and alas there's no noise coming from the engine at all. I can hear the birds tweeting as I roll across open country but no engine noise. Appears to be the same for most if not all other vehicles I didn't have time to test them.
  3. A thumbs up to the rain and lower cloud evening last in the desert has eyes. It makes planning attacks more challenging and brings out the beauty of DCS, bad weather can for once be a good thing..!
  4. Loving the changes and so very glad to see the server up and running again, you don't know what you've got till it's gone applies.
  5. I've been asking for this a long time ago, mouse aiming is exactly what we need for the minigun to make it effective.
  6. We need Asia, perhaps Korea or my favourite would be Vietnam.
  7. I agree we need a dynamic campaign & as an x-plane user I can vouch from experience that Vulkan would bring a smoother experience to all.
  8. Update is I have mostly resolved this issue thanks to a mod that sorts out both the HUD and the MPCD fuzzy thick font (without zooming in which is spot on) so I am happy with that until the devs fix this. It appears to only affect users of higher resolution monitors and VR from what I've read. I tried playing with the Gain etc but it didn't work, this mod is a great temporary fix and works I would say perfectly with the HUD which is now as good as the Mirage.
  9. I use a 4k monitor and the MPCD screen font isn't clear (thick & fuzzy) unless you zoom in and the lines become clear and crisp, I hope this gets fixed as it makes them difficult to read without zooming constantly. I see someone has a mod out for this but it would be better to come from the developer.
  10. And yet the tanks get stuck in a small stream and become useless. I really hope they fix this stuff it's messing with our enjoyment of an essential part of DCS the ground war.
  11. Came back to the Harrier after a few months away and this blur really is annoying and glaringly obvious makes text difficult to read really pleased to hear a fix is WIP.
  12. As posted above, the lights are way too strong and overly blooming. As someone mentioned should be an easy enough fix to do.
  13. That's a really great idea, I struggle with this very issue and having the associated units change colour to notify you they're under the same orders makes a huge amount of sense.
  14. Agree with these comments anything that can make CA more of a tank sim such as engine on/off ability would be fantastic. There's so much more mileage to be achieved within CA I really hope it gets more and more enhancements as things progress. For me DCS is at its best on multiplayer servers when there's a combined ground/air effort and players making use of communications effectively you just can't beat it.
  15. Been flying the C-101 on mp servers a lot recently having finally gotten around to it after a couple of years of ownership. Just wanted to say that it's a highly enjoyable module, much attention to detail by the developers it's very rewarding to operate and so far so good having a lot of fun. Would be nice to get the Sea Eagle usable on mp, that's a pretty capable missile indeed. Would love to see another module from AvioDev in the near future keep up the good work folks.
  16. Such a shame they're lukewarm on Vietnam, I think I saw a poll on here showing a significant desire for this region maybe even had the most votes. So many of the DCS player base will have watched the films & listened to the music from the war that connection alone would likely encourage them to purchase the map. I personally reckon this map would be a winner maybe Ugra media or some other 3rd party will deliver I really hope so.
  17. There are some great mp servers where the F-5 plays a big role like the cold war server. I love this aircraft, probably the one I've used the most in DCS. Iron bombing having to nail the release altitude, dive angle & airspeed is a real challenge but fun.
  18. Agree with all the above comments, the canopy reflections and cockpit gauges need attention. Very hard to see the enemy during dogfighting with them which puts me off flying the Mig-15.
  19. Invisible farps so much better than the golfing tee type, glad this feature has been implemented and much more fun than airfield ops.
  20. This is one hell of a beautiful module, one of the best no doubt. I've owned it for a while but only starting now to get fully into it this week. The lighting definitely needs looking at it's just not functioning correctly needs some tweaking as per the posts above. I cannon see the taxi/landing light at all in daytime and the cockpit lighting is way too dim also imho, maybe ED patches in recent months have caused these problems but it needs attention.
  21. Vietnam is leading I hope this is in the pipeline sometime soon makes a lot of sense now most of the middle east is covered.
  22. Nice to see a new campaign for the F-5, it's such a great aircraft fun to fly and deserves more attention I reckon.
  23. I have had this also and only in the Gazelle I thought my new monitor was having a meltdown it seems to be a bug thank goodness.
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