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  1. Yeah, personally I see more AI types available as a great benefit to gameplay.
  2. Hey guys, of course we can dream but I would recommend to stay with our feet on the ground. Did you notice that ED produce max 1 WWII module per year? And moreover this year no new modul was announced... Except F4U that is in development for at least 4 years and not by ED.
  3. After PC reboot mouse on F10 map works well now. Sorry for needless thread.
  4. Hi, I am new to VIRPIL. I would like to use ministick on T-50cm3 as a mouse for moving F10 map (while holding down left mouse button). So I used Joystick Gremlin to map X and Y ministick axis to mouse (see attachment). I can use ministick for cursor movement on Desktop now. But it does not work on DCS F10 map. P.S. In DCS I mapped one T-50cm3 button as a Left Mouse button and this button works well as intended (see second attachment). What do I miss? THX
  5. Hi, I am not very experienced with ME, so I would need help PLS. My intention is to create mission 16x B-17 vs 8x FW190A all only AI to test how my PC is capable to handle so many mutually firing objects. BUT the groups refuse to attack the adversaries, what do I miss? .miz file attached THX Performance test 01 - B17x16.miz
  6. I am desperately looking for CPU upgrade too, but unfortunatelly not now for Alder Lake with it's high temps and high prices for eveything. Though having been Intel fan for many years, I am looking now with hope for new Ryzens with enlarged L3 cache (called V-cache) that should be launched at the beginning of Q1/2022 See here V-cache Ryzen 5900X will have 192MB L3 cache which sounds pretty impressive. AMD claims 15% performance uplift over current Ryzen 5000 series and it remains Zen 3 platform. So hopefully these new Ryzens will be comparable with Alder Lake top models but with lower temps and lower prices for CPU and MB.
  7. Interesting vid, THX for link Percy. EDIT: err... Basco1 (sorry, your avatar photo distracted me)
  8. Thanks very much Flappie, that works! It is a shame I did not figured out it myself, because I set the compatibility intentionally some time ago
  9. Just bought F-86 but cannot install the module. I got this message (but as you can see I have the latest Win 10): Log: 00000.052 INFO : cmdline: bin/dcs_updater.exe --run --waitpid 1220 install F-86F 00000.143 STATUS: Waiting for parent process to exit... 00004.880 STATUS: Initializing... 00004.881 INFO : basedir: G:\DCS World OpenBeta 00004.881 INFO : dcs_variant.txt: openbeta 00004.883 INFO : DCS/ (x86_64; EN; P47D30,FW-190A8,OCTOPUSG_I-16,WWII-ARMOUR,SPITFIRE-MKIX,BF-109K4,FW-190D9,P-51D,REFLECTED_SIMULATIONS_FW_190_A8_HORRIDO_campaign,REFLECTED_SIMULATIONS_BF109K4_JAGDFLIEGER_campaign,P51D-BLUENOSEDBASTARDS_campaign,SPITFIRE-MKIX-THEBIGSHOW_campaign,BW_P51D-CHARNWOOD_campaign,SPITFIRE-MKIX-OPERATIONEPSOM_campaign,THECHANNEL_terrain,PERSIANGULF_terrain,NORMANDY_terrain,WORLD,REFLECTED_SIMULATIONS_P47D_WOLFPACK_campaign) 00004.883 INFO : branch: openbeta 00004.883 STATUS: Checking for updates... 00005.088 INFO : Got reply from www.digitalcombatsimulator.com 00005.175 INFO : Got reply from www.digitalcombatsimulator.com 00005.178 STATUS: Latest available version requires Windows 8.1 or higher. Press OK to pick the latest compatible version. 00012.323 STATUS: Version is not available. Consider updating. 00019.247 === Log closed. BUT my DSC OB version is I do not underrstand where is the problem. Any help apereciated. P.S. This is the first new modul I am trying to install after moving my DCS installation to the new SSD. P.S.S. I tried to run Repair (longer variant) but it not solved the problem
  10. @speed-of-heat Sorry for OT. I really appreciate this thread, it is a big help for everyone trying to cope with VR settings!
  11. Well, no flame, but I have the same opinion as @GunSlingerAUS. I have 3080 and bought G2 two month ago. Since then I spent countless hours (actually weeks) to find optimum settings for VR in DCS. I finally gave up a returned back to 2D & TrackIR and I am quite happy to tell the truth. For me the difference between 2D and 3D is not so big as it seems at first (the WOW effect disappears after few days and what remains are mainly many drawbacks). The difference of image quality between 2D and 3D is huge for me. From time to time I still play offline misson in VR but much more often I use 2D. I plan to buy Alder Lake CPU and DDR5 RAM at the and of this year but I do not think it brings any substantial change to get me switch to VR entirely. Do not get me wrong, I am a great fan of VR and I think it has a big potential but unfortunately we are not there yet (at least for some of us).
  12. Well, I am slightly short sighted, i.e. IRL distant objects are blurred to me. So I use my glasess inside VR headset and the image is better i.e. more sharp and cear. Point is, that though the LCD displays are near to our eyes, there is a powerfull optics IN FRONT OF displays so that display appears to our eyes as being placed cca 1,5 m away and it's size is like a big cinema screen. So IMHO inside headset we are really looking at the rendering scene that IS (due to the optics) far away (cca 3x longer distance than is the distance between our head and conventional 2D desktop LCD) and thus we need to focus our eyes to the distant objects not to the near ones.
  13. I have just tried defaut mission for P-47 Yardwork and it seems that AI do not communicate with Easy Comm ON nor OFF. If I e.g. say Radio Check, they do not answer "Roger" one by one...
  14. Well, IMHO craters do no look so bad though it is true, graphically the former ones were a bit better. BUT the former craters cause a terrible FPS loss and stuttering while flying over them. Not testing the new ones yet but hope it would have better performance. Personally I prefer performance over graphics...
  15. I think, not sure though, that after switching off the mods in a modmanager, you need to delete folders with shaders (fxo, metashaders2) and let the game rebuilt shaders again (which is a liitle bit time consuming processs)
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