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  1. hi Mustang, so its supposed to be dim like that? it seems to me it was bright like the mig29 and su27 before thanks for that little file but ill probably leave it as is if thats how its supposed to be
  2. Weatherbed


    i just updated from 1.2.6 and the RWR doesnt light up properly in either the su25 or the su25t. it still seems to work but the lights are barely visible. i also noticed my ECM light not coming on (or the ECM not working at all lol) but i see thats a known issue and i just have to remember the clicks if its on or off.
  3. has this happened to and other frogfoot flyers? if not ill go report it as a bug
  4. i just updated from 1.2.6 i think it was and for some reason the RWR on the su25 and su25t isnt light up. it seems to be functioning properly but the display isnt bright like it used to be, its so dull that it makes it hard to read at a glance. it lights up properly on the mig29 and su27. also the ECM wont turn on for the su25t, yes i had the pods fitted lol
  5. and i wish id seen that wiki BFM page sooner. what a great resource thanks a lot for that Ethereal!
  6. hey thanks for the input guys. i just ordered that book, only ten bucks used lol. really looking forward to playing against humans now
  7. thanks Ethereal, thats kinda what i figured as far as servers. what do you mean "BfM"? i have a few scenario type missions like enemy starts on my six or me at 50m and him at 10000m, 4 vs 4 meeting engagment, ect. stopped using labels and also have tacview im itching to play MP, getting bored splashing AI lol
  8. hi guys, so i live in this remote part of the wilderness where we dont have high speed internet, never played multiplayer after owning FC3 for two months. haha boohoo right? my question is how can i best edit missions to approximate the kinds of engagements you'd find in MP? apparently we are getting high speed in a month or two so i want to try and be ready as i can be. on a "typical" server, -how do the missions start airborne, ramp, runway? -any starting locations in particular, like russians always fly out of russia? -how far apart do you start? -do you normally have AWACS support? -is it always just fighters or do you have attack aircraft and ground elements as well? -do american players generally try to get up high and russians in the weeds? -how many aircraft per side? -no labels right? i know i cant simulate a true MP environment once the ball starts rolling but if i could have some idea how an MP game begins and some of the other variables like AWACS then i can try and make my missions as close as possible. thanks and i hope to see you all on MP soon!
  9. hi guys, just bought P51D good game so far except i cant figure out how to look around using the mouse like in other DCS aircraft. the axis are set and the key bindings are the same as my other aircraft where i can use the mouse to control the veiw. am i missing something, thanks
  10. thanks joey, i just went and tried holding the trigger down and it worked, i guess i just expected it to release the moment i fired. feel like a tool now lol thanks mrmaverick ill try that now too still have a question about the HUD, even though i got the weapons to fire the HUD doesnt show the weapon station indicator at the bottom, i.e which weapon is on which pylon. it shows on the insturment panel properly. all the videos ive seen show it on the HUD too. is it just some setting i turned off by mistake?
  11. no i havnt tried holding the trigger for a few seconds but it should at least show up on the HUD that they are ready to fire shouldnt it?
  12. hi, i cant get laser guided weapons to fall off my aircraft. i can lock the target, turn on the laser, maneuver into the firing parameters and get a launch authorization but the weapon wont fire. when i select a laser guided weapon it shows ready on the instrument panel but not on the HUD. when i switch to bombs they show up in the ready section of the HUD and on the instrument panel and i can drop them no problem. when i switch to unguided rockets they dont show up in the HUD ready section but i can still fire them. cannons work fine as well. every video ive watched shows laser guided weapons on the HUD ready bar as soon as its selected with "D" also my target box size adjustment doesnt seem to work im playing a fully patched version of the free DCS world with no mods or add ons totally confused, matt
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