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  1. Good news, i guess it's my lucky day as i found all i need.
  2. Thank you for taking the time to reply this precisely. But i already have all these references, some are partly readable. I have a relatively good idea of where they're all located but i can't read the texts, so it cannot be transcribed. To give you an idea of what i'm doing, here's a screenshot of a PSD file that i did: And i have this done for everything except most of the wings... Once completed i'll share it for those who wants.
  3. I started doing the stencils for the F-4EJ but I have trouble findings reference pictures or diagram for the upper and lower wings as well as bottom fuselage. I have some but the text is unreadable. So if someone knows a website or have pictures with such references, please share. I'm looking for readable japanese stencils and also i'm looking for a good ref for that yellow placard on the front right fuselage near the front wheel well.
  4. For the JASDF there's also these two: I know, the last one is a RF-4 but still a livery worth doing. I started doing the stencils for the JASDF F-4, so far i have the main ones, i will try to do all the small ones as well.
  5. YAY!!! That makes my day... No, that makes my year! That's awesome news!
  6. Akatsuki

    JASDF Liveries

    8th TFS airframe 13-8558 as it was painted for the squadron's 60th Anniversary in 2020 is up: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3318148/
  7. I agree with the OP, it would be nice to have the option to remove the mirrors from the cockpit. CTRL + Backspace would be a nice keybinding IMO.
  8. It seems to have been fixed in today’s OB patch. I haven’t tested yet but it’s in the patch log.
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