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  1. I understand switching back to MISSION (you have to do that to be able to use the TAD to see the new waypoint, which isn't *yet* in a flightplan and is not a markpoint. [please correct if wrong]. What I don't understand is why it tells you to initially set it to flight plan in the context of adding the coordinates the jtac gives you. I'm not doing anything with flight plans I'm just adding a waypoint. Edit: What I mean essentially is that the first stage of the procedure according to the manual seems to do nothing of value to the process of creating a new waypoint on the CDU.
  2. I haven't tried that option yet tbh. I used to have a similar opinion of some of the arma2 map and hud settings depending on my mood and how tired I was. Thanks for your input.
  3. Page 460 of the manual directs you to set AAP/STEER PT switch to FLT PLAN, add the coordinates given by the JTAC and then set the STEER PT switch back to MISSION. I only noticed it says this having just reread that section. :doh: I don't believe I've been doing this, and if I have it was only because I forgot to set the switch to MISSION until after I created the waypoint. Why do you have to do this?
  4. Not especially, I haven't been in the situation yet where I've had to navigate anywhere that I didn't have set on the mission flight plan. I just realised yesterday that I used the map a couple of times to get the big picture of where I was. It didn't feel right the first time I did it and when I did it again I really felt like I was cheating myself of immersion. I'll either turn it off or just avoid the map unless im on the ground. Or just start using the airfield diagrams on a tablet or print them out or something
  5. Do most people have all the map stuff turned off or do you have to be a navigation glutten for punishment to do this? Obviously turn targets etc off but what about your position?
  6. Thanks. Might be a good idea to get in the habbit of doing it when I know there's a chance I'm going to get them mixed up.
  7. Ah ok cool. I can't wait till it's all second nature and I actually have time to think tactically.
  8. Yeah this makes more sense to me. Adding the markpoints to a flight plan just seems like extra work for no gain. There must be a reason but I wont worry about it for now. This is working.
  9. When marking targets of oppertunity why do people add the markpoints as steerpoints in a flightplan when it seems just as easy to scroll through the markpoints.
  10. Well I read all the responses at once so at least I had a heads up on what to expect before I even watched the video. When multiple people resond to a quesation it all builds towards a very clear picture of what's going on.
  11. I think the never knowing is balanced out by being able to make a cup of tea a few mins after you get shot down.
  12. Thanks guys. It's clever how a lot of what the a10s systems can do is automatic e.g. laser is on so tgp uses that information without any further action required.
  13. This isn't quite what I was talking about. I've seen people using GPS/INS munitions and when they set their SPI they enable the laser. One youtube video said "you sometimes want to enable the laser" : http://youtu.be/5g1_euMP8q4?t=2m43s This post says the same thing : (2nd post in thread) http://simhq.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/3171145/How_to_use_weapons_Picture_gui.html#Post3171145 "Step by step guide on how to deploy GBU-38 (JDAM) - a GPS/INS guided 500 pound 'smart' bomb." says.... "Press NWS (INSERT) (turns laser on) and Press "TMS FORWARD LONG (UP + LCtrl) " to mark / create a way-point for your sensor (creates SPI). Press again NWS (INSERT) to turn off laser." Are they just misinformed or is there a reason to do this?
  14. What is the benifit of lasing the target with the TGP when setting an SPI to drop a JDAM on? Is it for range finding so it can see the target in 3d sticking out from it's background? OT :I realise I'm posting a lot of questions and the answers are all out there somewhere but I'm trying to learn as much as I can before my week off work so I can get really stuck in. I keep find videos/tutorials where people say "yeah and this is, urmm well it doesn't matter what this is, just press these keys" but it matters to me. I find these kinds of "tutorials" very frustrating. The JDAM videos in the EagleWiki are a bit beyond me yet, I haven't started with the CDU yet. I just want to drop one JDAM on one target.
  15. Thanks Izoul. I have my hat switch on my CH Fighterstick set to trim (I do have Tir5) it's just that I've never used trim in any sim before and whilst I was aware of it from the DCS manual I didn't realize how often I would need to adjust it. It's slowly becoming almost as common as my movements on the main stick.
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