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  1. This is largely a result of the lower skill floor required to fly a Viper. A few things to factor in: The Viper user interface in the cockpit is much easier on the workload and generally provides a superior picture compared to a Hornet. The Viper can dictate the terms of the fight by running the enemy down or running away from the enemy. The GTFO decision range for a Hornet is much longer than a Viper resulting in bigger room for error to just peace out. In the Hornet most of the time you just have to fight to the death, especially flying solo. Vipers being generally successful in public servers like GS is hardly an indicator of which is the better plane. There are many factors which contribute to that result (for instance the fact they are mostly on red, where also all the flankers are placed which are notoriously deadly against clueless people). Overall the Hornet has more tricks available and has a higher skill ceiling due to the workload and the available tools. The main thing gimping it right now is your radar being cluttered up with all the missiles that are in the air. Another factor why the Vipers are often more successful is the yeet factor. A lot of the Viper drivers just go in at M1.6 and shoot a bunch of slammers at long / medium range and there are plenty of people who get killed by these shots. Same goes for Eagle drivers going M2.0+ at 50k ft. This type of flight profile is pointless on a public server. You either kill the other guy because he was an idiot or you wasted a missile because he knows how to read a flight picture. I mean I guess if you're just flying for a luagh then it might be fun but ever since I'm flying DCS I do it to train and there is no training in rolling a dice without risk for yourself. Against good opponents altitude is almost irrelevant. Especially for a Viper because you can't look down against anything right now.
  2. For a good video comparison you would have to fly a simple mission with a maximum load turn initiated from a certain speed and altitude. Then update your DCS and replay the track to see what it does with the updated FM. Recording both replays would result in a plain comparison of energy bleed rate and G onset for those given initial conditions. But in the posted GS video he is wildly deviating in speed, attitude (you can see him using vertical in one side and not so much in the other), not mentioning his altitude. He also tested all of this with G effect disabled which makes me a bit cautious. A lot of the turns he made started from 550 IAS or higher without much vertical, in the previous Viper iteration this would generally result in a fast GLOC. I understand he clearly states "this is not a scientific comparison". But he could have spent a little bit more effort to provide a fair comparison. I'm optimistic though and I'm happy about the changes. About the only thing I could see from the videos is that the energy retention seems to be better. By how much is hard to say.
  3. I would take poorly prepared video comparisons with a grain of salt. He has a difference of 200-300 feet altitude between the side by side cameras which creates a substantial difference in turning speed perception. Fly a turn at 100 ft AGL and do the same turn at 500 ft AGL and you will see what I mean.
  4. It's very frustrating. I've had AMRAAMs chase other missiles that were more than 50 degrees off compared to the target they were launched on. While having lock.. Firing a missile is equivalent to deploying an active decoy right now.
  5. IRL perhaps. In DCS the TWS of F-16C is actually more reliable than DTT/STT. I chalk it up to lack of fidelity since they chose to first implement DTT/STT. Before DTT, the SAM mode was much more reliable. Ever since the introduction of DTT both DTT and STT modes offer very dubious performance. Quite frequently you end up having a fake target memory locked which is never recognized by the FCR. I find it very amusing that undesignating your target often results in faster true-positive performance tarcking than actually keeping a lock. In general it's superior to just sit in search mode, you get better tracking (but unfortunately no altitude indication, unless hovered or in TWS).
  6. Since you seem to be quite interested in the topic I assume then you are motivated to improve yourself in it.. but to achieve that I'd recommend to find a partner who has more experience than you. Fighting random opponents of unknown skill level flying various airframes without a feedback loop is a very inefficient way of learning. Which is basically what you do in a multiplayer server. You need quite a bit of experience to be able to learn anything in an uncertain environment (i.e. a public server). Having a controlled environment is crucial. One way to do it would be to go on the same servers and just observe people fighting. I would ask people to do some closed 1 on 1 sessions and maybe analyze the fight afterwards or just give some pointers. I think people are more open to help than you'd think. I guess this might be outside some people's comfort zone but it's worth the effort. Fighting the AI and analyzing tactics against AI is ultimately just going to build bad habits (it has bad BFM decision making and uses different FM) and also make any claims made to performance or tactic questionable at best. Tactics tend to be not absolute, different things will work against different skill levels to a different extent. Something that works against your sparring partner might fail spectacularly against another opponent. So even against human opponents it is difficult to evaluate what is a good tactic and what isn't.
  7. Yep, and because the opponent will be flying at a lower speed odds are he will outlast you in the fuel game. Although it is often enough to simply entangle you until you no longer have the option to play long games (if you ever had it to begin with). I'm curious to see how things will change once we get better g onset, but at the moment merging a good M2K pilot in a Viper is a losing fight. The only scenario where you have a real shot is if he has a substantial energy deficit compared to his optimal envelope (i.e. he's starting at 300 knots and you arrived with 500), in this case you might be able to get a quick kill but otherwise in a somewhat equal transsonic merge if you try to rate him he'll just yank the stick and shoot you with a Magic. If it's only guns it's another story but to be honest I've never met a good M2K driver who didn't have something to shoot by the time we merged. These guys tend to have some absurd missile discipline out of necessity. I know the thread is mostly about guns only, but I personally find it quite amusing to say "yeah, just stay above 10k". You pretty much never merge anything more than 5k ft from the ground. Going up from that point is strictly suicide unless the whole environment is pure guns.
  8. That is normal when fighting good opponents. I faced the same against good M2K pilots. They just reset the fight inside your circle indefinitely and laugh at you while you run out of fuel trying to outrate them at 450 kts.
  9. FCS won't prevent you from anything if you're flying with 2+ bags in CAT I. Actually it's quite forgiving even now since you won't get hung stores etc. You can easily pull 9 G even with a full loadout and be just fine. If you start rolling while pulling 9 G you will pretty much guaranteed break your wings, or if you continue looping at the bottom with 9 G you will spike far above and also break them.
  10. I think not supporting exports would be a deal breaker for any of their non-commercial projects. I expect the military/airforce/etc. users to install these things in proper simpits.
  11. Various parameters. Most of them inside 10 miles under 10kft. I think there was maybe 1 or 2 at high alt around 30 miles, don't recall anymore. Most shots somewhere in transonic range. There are other factors that are equally important. If you face a great pilot you might fire all of your missiles and not get the kill (and vice versa). It's not uncommon to end up guns only in a 1v1 BVR duel. People also might trash all your missiles due to sheer luck, albeit it is very unlikely even in a single event and exponentially more unlikely in multiple scenarios. I'm ignoring people abusing ECM because it's pointless to talk about it, it's a reported bug and should be fixed. But in my experience even in open MP servers like GS very few people actually abuse it. The new AMRAAM is not as bad as people make it out to be. There are plenty of issues and some are difficult or impossible to overcome (meaning: if it happens to you in certain conditions, you're very likely screwed). But they don't happen always. I'm uncertain if it's overall better or worse than before the update. Some aspects are improved and some are worse.
  12. Not sure how you manage that. I haven't flown too much in public in the recent weeks, but for instance a few days ago 2 flights on GS with a Viper and 10 kills out of 12 AMRAAMs fired. It has some new issues, but it's far from being useless. The lofting never worked like it should. So not surprising that it still doesn't work. A few patches ago you could make them loft 90 degrees up if you wanted to. I noticed the weird oscillations too, sometimes the nose of the missile will keep rotating in circles bleeding a lot of unnecessary airspeed. Unsure what triggers it, I've only seen it a few times.
  13. I'm wondering if it's possible to change the TrackIR profile you are using while playing by pressing a keybind. Looking at the TrackIR software itself and their manual it doesn't seem like it's possible. Does anyone have experience with something like this?
  14. Can this be reproduced against other aircraft? So far 2 similar clips against a Cat. I've flown plenty since the patch and I've not seen anything THIS bad. My gut feeling tells me something is going on with the ECM (wouldn't be the first time).
  15. Not sure if people realize, but calling a developer's work a meme or other equivalent statements is probably not going to provide them any incentive to engage in further discussion.
  16. TMS down twice does not work, it keeps relocking the target. I do not have the manual, but I would expect that an RWS bug should transition into STT at 3 nm, or if you lost the bug for whatever reason then attempt to relock. But if it's explicitly undesignated it shouldn't keep locking it again and again.
  17. You should separate radar detection performance and getting killed. F-18 can detect F-16s around 45 miles which is plenty enough. 40kft+ 40 mile shots are relatively low pK against a bandit that is not totally clueless, even if fired supersonic. When you have link the detection ranges are pointless anyway, because you can bug targets far enough to shoot. You can prepare for the fight based on Link16 information, you don't need a bug. You only need to bug the target shortly before firing or ideally before pole maneuvers (especially for less experienced pilots managing radar is difficult while maneuvering). If you're getting killed in high altitude, long range BVR while you have link support it has everything to do with poor tactics / execution and nothing to do with radar performance. The 18 has good enough radar detection ranges against relevant fighter types to fight on an even footing (not sure how far you can detect Jeffs but I'd expect similarly 40 mile+ just like the 16s). Obviously you will not have an even footing on energy since the 15/16 just dumpsters the 18 in terms of that. Also FYI following the DLZ is worthless. Those ranges are all bullshit.
  18. I expect a frontal hit near the canopy will be fatal but otherwise the pilot should be able to eject, unless this is prevented by the damage caused.
  19. I started seeing this artifact when disabling the LCD effect with a mod.
  20. Lol I just find it peculiar that your reference for testing is a setup that would never occur IRL (and it's very uncommon in DCS too). It pretty much never happens that you remove the wing fuel tanks pylons.
  21. But how does it make any sense that you have 6 AMRAAMs, but all wing tank pylons are removed? Those are not included in the clean configuration!
  22. Pretty much always 3 bags. The hydraulic pump transfer limitation is not modeled yet so you can go full afterburner in a climb, top out around 30kft and jettison the centerline. You can do some variations between using wings/centerline first depending on expected time to engagement. Once they model the pump limits it will be interesting to see how it works. Generally you shouldn't have fuel issues in the Viper, it has one of the best fuel economy compared to everything else in DCS.
  23. Isn't 50 DI a result of wingtip 9s, 4x empty AMRAAM pylons under the wing, fuel tank pylons on the inner wing stations and center but not loaded? Last time I checked this would total a DI of 51. But there are no AMRAAMs or tanks loaded with that setup.. only wingtip 9s. The centerline pylon empty is 7 by itself, the wing tank pylons are 8 each. The LAU-129 with the adapter under the wings is listed as 6 each.
  24. Because it's not a bus like the Hornet ;) I do recommend a curve of 20-25, especially if as a TMW user.
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