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  1. You have soldered the stepper motors to easy drivers???? If yes try to swap 0 and 65535 values in your arduino code AccelStepper stepper(AccelStepper::DRIVER, 4, 5); // define Vid29Stepper class that uses the AccelStepper instance defined in the line above // +-- arbitrary name // | +-- Address of stepper data (from control reference) // | | +-- name of AccelStepper instance // v v v v-- StepperConfig struct instance Vid29Stepper IAS(0x344e, stepper, stepperConfig2, [](unsigned int newValue) -> unsigned int { /* this function needs to map newValue to the correct number of steps */ return map(newValue, [color="Red"]0[/color], [color="red"]65535[/color], 0, stepperConfig2.maxSteps-1);
  2. During my pit trials I have found strange behavior of DCS BIOS. For some reason when I press in starter button and then pull starter nothing have happens even I see the correct animation movement in pit . When I will repeat same procedure with mouse click engine normally move/started.... this is the code from DCS bios DcsBios::Switch3Pos starterSwitch("STARTER_SWITCH", PIN_A, PIN_B); I have tried to switch the starter from control reference console but again nothing happens even I see correct animation, mouse click working normally. Here is video from test: This is making me crazy....
  3. Thx to all for kindly support... News: pit is finish:) Maybe I will later add some details like seat belts or armour near seat but for now all important stuff is done. I was awaiting this moment more than 5 years:megalol: now I will just fly:pilotfly: I will post some videos later .... P.S. I am already thinking about next project maybe Mig-19 but now just holidays and flying....
  4. EZ42 ready for mounting, canopy opening also ready.....
  5. Hi Ian, For debuging of my pit till now I was using dcs bios v7.0, now I have switched to v10.x. My problem is in v7.0 was Fw 190D using description BIOS.protocol.beginModule("FW-190D9", 0x3400) and in v 10.0 module is 0x4000 so now whole my pit is not working. Also I was using fw190D9.lua with correction done by me, based on my findings I was trying to copy the changes to Fw-190D9.lua located in (using notepad++) \Users\Draken152\AppData\Roaming/DCS-BIOS/Plugins but it is not working. Still in Control Reference I dont see any changes and also pit isnt working... Please can you help me with this. Where shall I put updated Fw-190D9.lua??? Or can you intruduce this changes to plugin it self(see atached updated v7.0 file)??? Thx FW190D9.lua
  6. This is example how I have solved the zeroing
  7. Nice to see you back man. Your work is base of our pit builders community ... :thumbup::thumbup::thumbup: I worked a lot with DCS-Bios I will try new version and let you know the feedback...
  8. After summer brake is time to continue :) Upper instrument panel is completed now, I am just running components reliability testing... Also UV lights are assembled...
  9. I do not want to start new thread so I am resurrecting this one. Anybody have succeed with this??? Can somebody share the code example please....:helpsmilie:
  10. Really nice :thumbup: , If you will need some help/support just ask
  11. Hi I never used 28BYJ-48 motors but in my pit I am using 3 types of different of steppers. My advice is go for 4 wires steppers and use easydriver, this combo is 100% working and easy to handle. Examplehere Also I think your steppers will be not fast enough for some gauges ... On which plane are you working???? You can also try ... Btw. I am living 40km from Hungarian border (from direction Komarno) :), if you need more help...
  12. No, at least I don't feel I need it :)...
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