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  1. Probably relatively easy given the above evidence and the fact the computers are doing most the work....unless you ask a helicopter pilot - then it is harder than performing a triple heart bypass, in the dark, with nothing but a spade and a half eaten carrot, whilst riding a rollercoaster, upside down, in space, without a space suit. (TLDR - generally pilots tend to greatly overexaggerate the difficulty of flying )
  2. IIRC - you can select the specific radio preset on the CNI page and press enter and it will display the associated frequency...prob not the specific way to do it, but it is possible to see what the preset freq actually is on the CNI page.
  3. Not that I have noticed - playing in VR so every ms counts.
  4. Yes sorted by distance wold be far more useful. One example I had lately was selecting a unit from the first few targets on the list, and the crosshairs jumping way out back of the targets to that unit that was several km's behind the other targets - which if I actually closed to engage would bring me to too close to the targets closest to me. By sorting by range I can select the actual closest threat that concerns me and that I am happy to close to within the other threats range - if that all makes sense.
  5. Or...you know. Get out a spanner and take them off.
  6. нет 6800XT here - individual blade wobble and epically bad tracking still very evident.
  7. I have had SSA stop working a few times recently while changing versions etc - but just hitting the Repair DCS Export button (or w/e it's called) always fixes it.
  8. Just forget about the trim button and use the trim hat and manually trim/offload control forces. As the Hind flies with a relatively neutral cyclic anyway there is not much trimming required for 'normal' flight. Is how you fly a MD500 and it works fine - just constant little stabs at the trim hat will give you nice hands-off control. Obviously larger trims required as you slow for landing etc, but you have plenty of time.
  9. Probably because they have given up trying to use the trim button like you do on any other DCS helicopter...I know that my issues with it have decreased commensurate with my reduction in use of the system lol. I believe it is a AP bug - pretty easy to just watch the pitch channel bar in the small AP window moving up and down all by itself while S&L, and if you cancel the pitch AP channel it immediately stops.
  10. Some ppl take flying pixel planes waaaay too serious
  11. Just the keybind decisions for this aircraft as a whole defy any sort of common sense.
  12. https://www.l3harris.com/all-capabilities/625-x-625-multi-purpose-display-mpd Dimensions 8.5”(w) x 8.5”(h) x 8.6”(d) Viewable area 6.25”(w) x 6.25”(h); 8.8” diagonal
  13. Yep it is a shame - but welcome to DCS really. This is how it has been , as you say, for years - with no sign of ever changing. That's why for every module I own I have a selection of mods in OvGME fixing the basic things ED can't be bothered fixing - mostly really basic LUA 1-line changes like the F-86 gun fix you mention. Is also why I won't be spending another cent on DCS for the foreseeable future either as I am tired of 'half-finished for years' modules. Which is a shame as I live on NZ and used to work at Ardmore airfield and been in the hangar where they restore the Mosquito, seen them fly many times and was keen to purchase, but guess I am just not seeing the point anymore of spending my limited sim time flying half-finished neglected modules. Also sick and tired of the DCS sniper-AI taking down a Hind (and other choppers) with a single 'golden BB' small arms fire. I swear the guy that programs the DCS AI must be a multiple gold medal winner in 'Blindfolded Skeet Shooting' to think you can plink a couple of snapshots of 7.62mm at a passing low-level helicopter doing 250kph and magically score a direct hit on the control system immediately rendering the machine uncontrollable (Looking at you UN Campaign remade for Hind Mission 2 I think it is)...... now I just select invulnerable in the options and enjoy the mission instead, and use 'Red Flag' techniques to know if I stuffed up and 'actually' died - or DCS magic AI at work again. Bit of a rant I know, but meh.
  14. Thanks for the rec, ordered. No intention of purchasing the Apache at all lol, but do enjoy a good operators account in a machine like this.
  15. Yea given the fact the Hind flies with pretty much a neutral central cyclic S&L at around 250 knots it is much easier to just fly the Hind like the MD500/OH-6 Loach and use the trim hat to trim out any cyclic deflection as you fly if required. In contrast with the 'trim button and re-centre cyclic' - method, which after trying out last night following patching still has the same extra cyclic overrun issue after clicking the trim button as before - albeit slightly reduced. The input It is also sensitive enough that you can easily achieve a stable 'hands-off' hover with 'bumps' of the trim hat - as opposed to say the Viper lateral trim that you can pretty much never achieve wings level with the trim hat due to the 'bumps' being too coarse.
  16. Where did you get firmware MJF_FW3_00_1? I only have MJF_FW_2_00_2.FSSB_R3 available in the folder.
  17. I think the biggest advantage of this would be not having to see the weird 'wobble' of the blades as they go past - all following different paths and just looking super-strange! You can also see the angle of each blade changing rapidly as well as it goes past - interesting aerodynamics indeed! If you had tracking that bad on a RL helicopter it would last all of 10 seconds before exploding. You should be able to look at the rotor disc and see just that - a disc of blades all following the same path. Yes obviously this disc 'moves' to provide thrust in required direction/flap to equality etc etc....but they all still 'track' the same past a point! Have carried out a lot of ground and in-flight blade tracking on various choppers. Interestingly this makes tracking 5-bladed MD500's (and other 4+ bladed choppers) a lot harder than the 4-bladed as a blade can drop into the wake of the blade in front of it and show as tracking while on ground/hovering, however when you sharply manoeuvre it will drop the 'tow' and then stick out like a sore thumb doing it's own thing....like the DCS Hind with all blades at all times lol.
  18. I may be mistaken - but I believe ED implemented that behaviour with the trim hat as you describe - the longer you hold it the greater the input, so not a linear trim rate. But yes the main issue is that one 'bump' of the hat in the lateral direction doesn't account for the inertia of the system as you describe and immediately inputs a large dose of aileron trim....too much 99% of the time. Pitch trim is fine, but personally I never use pitch trim in the Viper....maybe a couple bumps nose up on landing if I am doing a long boring precision approach or something.
  19. It would be nice to ditch those 68kg depleted uranium tubes and fit some 10kg aluminium ones . A few more kilos fuel would be really nice.
  20. Lol he isn't trolling you - if you keep flying the pre-inserted 'map slide' will swap to another section of map adjacent to the previous one to continue tracking your progress. Now this may be a really bad section of map and you might be shown in the lower left corner or something silly - but it should swap. Although saying that I have had the situation where I have got to the edge of the actual paper map installed (so you can see the white edge of the map with distance marks/writing etc) and no new map was dropped into the display - the plastic tracking cross just stayed at the edge of the display. Maybe that is what you have encountered? In any case the whole map tracking system is obviously WIP so I wouldn't get to hung up about it just yet. I just use it as a novelty really, as the actually doppler navigation system is really good (lots of use from Mi-8 flying), and combined with NDB's gets me where I need to go.
  21. Just going from memory here - but I think there are several different keybind options for firing weapons (think Weapon Release is one - or something like that) - but only one actually works. Try binding trigger to a few of the other options and see how you go.
  22. All good man - I am not trying to start an argument here. As I said these are just views from an actual SME with 1,600 hours over 6 years on an airframe, that worked with a simulation team in developing a full motion FAA Level 2 FTD training sim (including every single malfunction possible to every aircraft system - so yea I was never perfect lol, but I did know what colour the displays were). There are also actual SME's, and self-proclaimed SME's....there can be a difference. Bottom line yes you are correct - hence BN's response - 'we would need more specific information to change our current modelling'. You got it, they will listen, simple really.
  23. Interesting - I don't think BN's reply sounded like "We don't know' at all. I get the impression it is more "The HSD display is currently modelled as per what we consider as reliable information for the version we are portraying - if you have 2,000 hours flying this specific model F-16 and are used to seeing red HSD rings, or are looking at the exact same model avionics systems/operating manual showing red rings, we would like to know and will refer the info to our own SME for consideration." - maybe it's just me . Not saying it is impossible - but the MFD displays changed all over the shop with different blocks/upgrades/versions etc.
  24. Guys to play devils advocate, this is a pretty simple functionality that any operator of the aircraft of the appropriate avionics generation would be fully aware of. As ED have access to SME's that have operated this aircraft block I would err on the side of saying they are probably happy with this current system depiction, unless as Bignewy says there is any clear evidence to the contrary. (agreeing with ED - I know crazy right lol). I have seen plenty of Vipers will all sorts of variations in MFD colour schemes etc. so it is nice ED are sticking to one particular avionics gen so closely. As per Rule 1.16 (which I am quite familiar with lol) ED/we can't post any 'specific' information about the appropriate Viper systems, but ED don't need to if they have a dude that flew it saying 'yep that's how it works' - which is more than adequate. Just thoughts from a guy who worked with the development of an Air Force simulator as the aircraft systems SME and advised on the correct system interaction/functionality etc - when something wasn't right, the programmers I was working with didn't say 'prove it' they said 'thank you, so how does it really work?' lol. So trust that ED have the right SME's on the job that say 'system A works like this', or 'This needs changing'.
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