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  1. The key to me against tanks is , they can fire to you at much more distance than you, and if there are 4 tanks, you can engage one but there are other three against you. So I allways try is find the correct place to engage one tank at the time and use terrain, buildings what ever to keep you in covert from the other tanks, many times is difficult to achive and take a lot of time but it can be done. Sometimes a good solution is engage while moving, climb and descend, and only go direct to the tank when you are ready to fire.
  2. My first answer is "I dont know" Yes is much easier comparing with the UH , MI or K50 and take time get used after the other choppers. There are millions of opinion against the FM , yes sometimes it looks an RC helicopter buy Im not a really helicopter pilot so I only can compare with the other modules To me is a fun helo, the camera IR is excelent to nigh attacks, the short range of the HOT make yourself plan a lot the attack using the enviroment to hidden, another think I like is hunt people in PvP server with the mistral some people really piss off when you kill a super modern jet with a little helicopter
  3. Perfect, that was the solution. Many thanks !!!!
  4. Hi, I have a problem with hot mic in the UH and MI 8, only in this helos . Other helos or the harrier work OK I have a key map to change radios and another as PTT. Any Idea?
  5. Really like the idea, but please we need ADF signals, bad weather and night operations. And no show units over the F10 map
  6. No, Differential braking
  7. What plane are you flying?? I usually fly the Harrier, put the laser code give by the JTAG and use the search laser function, when I have the target, drop the bomb and it always hit the target.
  8. I must resign my helo. Just finished a business trip and I don't have time to prepare my SRS and DCS. Sorry guys
  9. I'm down in this one, I must work in that weekend Sorry!
  10. Congrats to Alpen, Maverick and all the participants for a wonderful afternoon, see you in the next event. Congrats to my ECV teammates who planned and practicing the whole month for this event, specialy our commander Largo who change the strategy in 5 min because the news about the mampads team, and to Agresor who practice that fast start and deploy flight so many times
  11. Excellent afternoon, thanks Alpenwolf for the event, and to all the participants.
  12. Hmmm some triger maybe failed, when I flew that mission first the convoy stop at a road crash, after that when reach a bridge not so far the bridge explode and the convoy is attacked from the mountains
  13. Many thanks that was the problem, I never saw the ON/OFF switch at the left of the flares. Now the Mi-24 can join the flight
  14. There are no additional F10 menu, if you press signal colored flare from the cockpit nothing happened, I think they are not simulated like the K50
  15. The brief say you need join a pair of Mi-24 but when I reach the place and nothing happend, they ask for a signal flare, I try launch some flares, join they flight, fly in front of they but nothing result. I set the correct freq un the radio Any ideas?
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