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  1. Tromac from OCB? AEF is a great Australian server and usually the only one that's constantly online and regularly filled with players. I have ~250 ping to the US servers such as 104th but it's never caused any problems for me or other players. Good luck
  2. If you have 1.2.9 already the download for the F-86 is tiny so not much point in delaying all the fun. There are servers with F86 only and servers with the F86 amongst a whole lot of other aircraft. The F86 can do ground pounding pretty well on the servers with lots of A/C, similar to how the P51 gets used but with more effective armament and systems. Many servers wouldn't put A2G birds in the way of enemy A2A so it shouldn't become a sitting duck, not that a good pilot couldn't defend against enemy CAP anyway.
  3. Go Purple! I ran out of fuel like an idiot and landed within 100ft of the runway before exploding for no reason :( Hopefully JW3 isn't too far away!
  4. Can we get a definitive answer on 1.2.8 vs. 1.2.9 soon? It looks like the 104th server and a whole lots of players are 1.2.9, I guess we have to test the mission in 1.2.9 and hope everything is stable. My wireless internet means I cant be switching around versions without it costing $100s. Many Thanks.
  5. One life, don't tip over on the taxiway :thumbup:
  6. Green/Purple have the most battles to fight :joystick:
  7. Yay :) For the Purple v. Green 1800UTC 25th Friday would be best for me. Either will work tho.
  8. I will take the last Purple team slot if I may :) I am quite proficient with the F-15C and have only sparsely flown other aircraft so a fighter slot with the F-15C would be much preferred. Thanks.
  9. Removing all of the control settings from the config folder in savedgames/dcs world has fixed the problem. The issue must have been caused by one of the usermade .lau's somehow :( Wolf
  10. Hi, No keys/buttons/switches on my Keyboard or Hotas are registering anymore. All axis controls still work fine such as the stick, throttle and pedals. Key bindings still show up correctly in the settings and I tried resetting to defaults. I recently updated DCS World however I was flying about fine directly after the update. It starts when you get to the "Press Pause/Break to Start" screen. Any ideas? Many thanks, Wolf EDIT: I have all of the DCS modules so I tested multiple aircraft.
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