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  1. Good evening, We are without land internet, when I try to play with my modules, it says Authorisation Expired and all modules became deactivated. How can I reactivate the modules without internet connection to the PC? Is there any key file that I can transfer from my account to the PC via USB? Thank you. Regards Enviado do meu iPhone usando o Tapatalk
  2. Hi all, Are there any templates for FARPs other than the one present in DCS right now? What works for you guys and your missions? Do you make those by hand and place the objects? What objects do you use? Kind regards, Focha
  3. Firebirds is an awesome movie, at the time I was young and free! Top Gun was also a great movie. Both cheesy, but that's the way it is! The last great aviation movie I saw lately was Les chevaliers du ciel. Great filmography.
  4. Hi there, The other day I've forgot to close the refuel door and left it open. When I was pulling G's, the maximum G's I could pull was 8 Gs and when I got close to 420/400 knots, the FCS would rock the plane up and down to try to maintain speed a more or less 5 Gs. Is this suppose to behave like this? I thought it was funny. Kind regards.
  5. Hi all, Will there be any improvement in the IR imaging with the upcoming DCS: AH-64D? Also, about the NVG effects, will there be any difference in simulating that? There were a already a lot of changes as time goes by, some more apraized that others, I would really like to know, if possible, if there are going to be any differences with this module as it depends heavily on its ability to use those imaging tools. Thank you. Kind regards.
  6. This painting makes me think of the future. At first is seems a dystopian future, but when you think a bit more, maybe it is even a bit utopian. Thank you for posting.
  7. I think this is a known issue and it is getting fixed with the new IR "engine".
  8. I am also experience stutters on the last beta version.
  9. Please, if you will, drag and select multiple units. Year is 2021... a no drag and select in DCS.
  10. Hi all, Following the video of Wags, but for some reason the datalink video does not work. Am I missing some step or is there some problem? Thank you. Regards.
  11. @Hawkeye_UK Sir, the 2.7 update was in open beta. So... nothing has to be right from the start up. So to clear that out. You are writing like it should all be perfect without any bugs, but the fact is that the open beta is a bit of open testing for general public and to get some feedback to developers. About VR experience I will not speak, since I have not any in VR. Regards.
  12. In the AS365 we had the two systems. The Force Trim button and the Beep Trim coolie. Both worked, but I liked the Force Trim better for change large amplitudes and Beep Trim to change small corrections on trim. The Ka-50 trim works like a charm. Better yet if the still is FFB. As for the Gazelle, I don't really like nothing on that helicopter... at least on control/reaction behaviour.
  13. Hi, I've selected Wings: Left sweep failure. I've had the failure set with 1 minute. After selecting another aircraft (JF-17) on ME... run a few mission, then I've selected the F14 again, and the failure is still present. Unable to unselect the failure. To reproduce, just select F14, then set failure, switch aircraft, then run mission, then switch to F14 again. Don't change the unit.
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