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  1. Most Mi-8 manuals will also say to turn on ice protection systems at or below +5C.
  2. The swashplate drive link whistle? Very distinctive.
  3. Lots of mistakes in that manual. All of the pictures are correct, though...just sometimes they make mistakes in the text.
  4. It's already been said that this is correct behavior, but I will add that the reason is because of mechanical stops on the engines, you can only increase the throttle so much before you hit a mechanical stop on the engine. You cannot have full collective, full right twist-grip, and full up ECL at the same time. The mechanical stops are at roughly 0 degrees and 120 degrees on the engine fuel control throttle control. Full up collective and full right on the twist-grip give you about 116-120 degrees...so not much leftover for moving the ECL up.
  5. The range can go over 10km, but the largest number that can be displayed is 9999. Have you tried storing beyond 9999 and seeing what you get for a target point? Not sure how DCS simulates that, but as long as the asterisk shows up, you should be getting valid range values in the computer.
  6. It's not meant to be used in the air, but it works. It's only meant to set your rotor speed on the ground prior to takeoff during the 3-degree check.
  7. They are the SMEs that are part of the team for AH-64D development.
  8. You could try opposite pedal? Like, if you bank left, push the right pedal. Not sure how well it would work, but it would certainly work at least a little bit.
  9. I've seen this a number of times. They have the exact same rotor system as every other Apache on the planet. They are all "foldable" in a sense.
  10. Well, it's not a computer, it's purely analog in the Ka-50, but all turbine-powered helicopters are like this...you set the throttle at some predefined setting and leave it there, and the engine governors (which are either all or mostly hydromechanical) take care of the rest. So in that sense, the AH-64D will be very similar to the Ka-50., you just set the throttles to FLY and you're done.
  11. No, the "by" means that March 31st is the deadline, so to speak. Strictly speaking, "by March 31" could mean anytime from now until March 31. Although realistically we'd need to see the cold start video first.
  12. It's only counterintuitive because you're applying logic to it that doesn't apply. If you were trained how to use it, it would be perfectly intuitive.
  13. AlphaOneSix


    There will not be a campaign at EA release, but there will be one added sometime during Early Access by the time it is officially released.
  14. Glad we could help! I think as the original poster you have the option to tag a forum post as the answer to your issue, which gives the thread the "answered" tag.
  15. There is a knob at the base of the collective that is used to adjust the amount of friction that is applied without pressing the friction release button. The game apparently assumes that you have it cranked down, so that you can't move the collective without depressing the friction release button. This can be disabled in the "Special" tab in the "Options" window in the "Mi-8MTV-2" section. Find the "Collective Brake Mode" option and make sure it is set to "Default" and not "Hydro lock".
  16. There is an option that makes the collective not move unless you have the collective force trim (brake) released...maybe that is checked on accident?
  17. Not currently planned to be able to. Maybe at some future date. At least that is my understanding.
  18. This is one of those things where you just need to go out and do it a bunch and it will become much easier. Doesn't lend itself to learning by reading.
  19. Don't put words in my mouth that I did not say. What I wrote and what you interpreted are not equivalent statements.
  20. I'm no enemy of FLIR, why would you paint me as such? Your arguments are so full of fallacies that they are difficult to read on their own merits.
  21. So many of us were all typing replies at the same time. As usual @Raptor9's answer is the least snarky and most complete.
  22. The snarky answer to this is: You have the manual, what does the manual say? The non-snarky answer to this is: No.
  23. This is already the case with Open Beta and everyone complains all the time. Speaking of which, you knew the possibilities of delays when you pre-ordered the AH-64D module, yet here you are...complaining.
  24. If it is still like it used to be, the closed beta testers don't have a checklist or script, it is up to them to perform tests on their own. They do also confirm bugs by trying to duplicate them under various conditions, as well as confirm the resolution of bugs.
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