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  1. AFAIK (based on actual pilots) it can stay in a constant 9G turn until it run out of fuel or the pilot pass out
  2. Wonderful refraction on this Eurofighter contrails against the Sun
  3. Airbus Defense and Space just posted this awesome workaround of the Eurofighter, Airbus have some really capable guys doing videos, the photography is really good showing details I never saw in such fine quality and the editing is great too. I've seen many other videos but usually the camera angle focus on the human put here is clear the plane was the star, it's clearly the work of an aviation enthusiast https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9aWDu0GSbXU
  4. As other said wait to see the new Intel CPU's, if the leaks are correct they will be competitive on price and perform at least as good as the 7th series in gaming and single threaded load, then the Ryzen 1600X someone suggested would not be much convenient any more. For the graphics card I would suggest a GTX 1070, at retail AMD's graphics card cost more than a similar performing NVIDIA which in turn consume less and overclock better.
  5. Don't worry, you have enough power even for a 1080 Ti :thumbup:
  6. Giving the price I would not recommend Vega, AMD fooled us on prices giving out a one time discounted MSRP as the official one and once retailer sold out the first discounted wave the price consequently increased by 100 bucks. I would instead suggest too to double the ram and update the graphics card. I don't know how's the price in France but NVIDIA will be probably more convenient, something like a GTX 1060 6GB or a GTX 1070.
  7. On which CPU did you made this test? AMD driver loves overclocked and powerful CPUs. I would also add that Firestrike isn't a good representative of simulators kind of workload
  8. Looks a Uber 2 (not Nxt), not the first "rudimentary" version
  9. Yea, I know there was few revision of the gimbal, which version are we talking about? the fist one that solved only the center play and keeps the original spring mechanism? Actually solving center transition on x and y axes is my top priority.
  10. Hello, I need a Uber 2 Nxt mod for my Cougar, I bought the HOTAS in 2007 at a ridiculous price, 180€ new, but while amused by its ergonomics it never come to fruition since it's really hard to dogfight with the original gimbal and ended up keep using my old setup that now is inexorably obsolete. I also want to pair it with a decent pedals set, 3 years ago I bought an old set of simped vario but I have since realized that earliest models are not compatible with the Cougar! I don't remember exactly how much I payed for them but it was too much anyways because now they are useless :joystick:, now don't want to spend 300€ for the albeit great MFG Crosswind, if someone has a simped pedals set with the D-SUB connector that is not using because upgraded to new HOTAS or bought new pedals I will be happy to buy them (and use the old one for spare parts). Thanks, any help will be greatly appreciated.
  11. Yea, I very distracting... When I roll the aircraft my friends rolls too... and you know how it ends :pilotfly:
  12. They work the same way, they are just suited for slightly differ purpose, eg. if you want to measure angulation you need only a range from 0° up to 360° while if you have to know position you may want several rotation or a totally different type from a rotary encoder. The correct Hall sensor are the angular Midori QP-2HC (C means single shafted).
  13. They don't fit on the Nxt gimbal, bronze bushing instead of double ball bearing, not sealed (unless request) luck to find some with the correct electrical angle travel (if not you must order a big amount)... They don't look better to me, they are simply on a different class
  14. the pics you mentioned shows the modifications needed to fit them on the stock gimbals.
  15. The correct one is the QP-2HC, the QP-2H has a double shaft (front and rear) while the correct is single shafted. Can you tell me how much they ask? I was in contact with Ian, the Über2Nxt maker, and found a source for the sensors. Another guy started collecting orders for sensors, Über2Nxt and other parts because Ian ask for a minimum quantity to start production but they done it at the http://www.frugalsrefugees.com forum but the site went down last year. I'm still interested in some parts and if other are interested too we can try to rise rise orders and reach a reasonable amount for Ian to produce. I've attached the files that describe all the parts that Ian makes. P.S. Ok, I just managed (unexpectedly) do get the file where he annotated the orders nicely along with forums name so I may be able to contact them to see if they still interested. Nxt.zip
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