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  1. Hi, looking for a group or to join up with other virtual pilots who have a disability. looking to fly with company for fun or missions that are made capable for people who may have difficulties in being able to spot targets or act on a target instantly as their disability dictates. I have sight problems myself, and fly with vr for immersion, as I have 1 eye so no 3d effect for me. for those that do get involved we could also swap ideas for mods that make flying a bit easier etc. I am UK based. my current aircraft; all current helicopters. A10C F16 FW 190-D thanks in advance.
  2. Hi guys, DCS game works fine through my vpn with no problems, but when I try to do an update I lose connection, this happens with torrent and http. when I turn off the vpn it works ok. other torrents work fine through the VPN. Bit of a pain having to go into my router and switch the vpn off if I want to update. any ideas how to resolve this. router is based on pfsense, VPN is PIA. Thanks
  3. @ Deano87, what i'm on about-- if you read the first post it says the nvg is a monocle which means 1 eye covered. so if that's the case in VR and it's only the right eye then surprise surprise you can't use night vision with only a left eye.
  4. being as realistic as possible is great, but what about those of us with 1 eye who fly in VR, at least give us the choice of choosing which side the sight is on. I only have a left eye so can't use the sight in VR. and before anyone asks , no I don't get the 3d effects but the immersion in VR is great.
  5. all very well being as realistic as possible, but what about those of us who only have 1 eye, at least make it possible to choose which side the monocular is on for when we fly in VR. same goes for the KA-50 helmet sight.
  6. Update Hi, guys well took the plunge, and here's my findings, as everyone notes screen door effect is a downer, but the immersion is great, even though I have no real 3d vision, it still looks more in depth (if that's the right explanation) than on a screen, being able to actually look around objects in the aircraft, and yes it does feel like I can reach out and touch them. I get a better sense of awareness of the terrain, it feels like I'm in the terrain not just watching it like on tv. biggest thing to get over was looking around, as was using Tir before, was strange the image not moving. the 1 big downside is I really have to crank my neck or swivel round to see whats behind as I have no peripheral vision. but overall a big thumbs up for OR. anyone else with 1 eye considering getting vr, if you can manage the price, it will still give you immersion, damn I wish I had full vision :)
  7. Thanks for the offers guys, but with my condition I'm not allowed to drive anymore :( rift comes out on 20th sept (UK) so if currys won't let me have a demo I may take a punt order online then use distance selling act to get refund if it's not doing anything for me, or wait and see what the raze osvr is like when it is properly released. on a side note wonder how many other 1 eyed air warriors fly DCS, and how they get on?
  8. thanks for the offer mithandra, but I'm up in Merseyside.
  9. Thanks nescafe37, unfortunately not close to you I'm up in Merseyside. knock knock when you tried with 1 eye closed did you get the sense of speed etc similar to with both eyes?
  10. Thanks for responses, keep them coming, will probably wait till sept and see if local currys/pcworld(UK) will give me a demo, looked at hiring 1 but at over £100 for a day I'll give that a miss. wonder how good 3 monitor setup in surround mode would work?
  11. Hi guys looking for some opinions. I love dcs, and running on a 32" screen and Tir, really want to try occulus but at £549 in UK. it may be a waste of money. the problem is i have only 1 eye and reduced peripheral in the remaining eye, I know that I will not get any 3d effects, but would I still be able to get any immersion with the rift or will it just look weird or the same as just using a screen and Tir? I did read on the net that someone tried and it gave them immersion but that's 1 person and not sure what they where testing it on, probably not DCS.
  12. you would think if it was designed for "ham fisted students" it would be less twitchy or am i reading it wrong
  13. to read scroll up/down on image then a box appears on top right click magnify or box next to it.
  14. Hi, folks just thought I'd post this, an interesting read about the gazelle especially the bit about handling. [ame]http://www.mwhelicopters.co.uk/File/UndiscoveredGem.pdf[/ame]
  15. the switch panel works fine with dcs , have been using it for a few months now, in settings it shows up as 2 controllers, so if a key press doesn't register in 1 try the other.
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