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  1. Brilliant work, a real shame Razbam hasn't taken your work and implemented it into the core module.
  2. That actually doesn't look as complicated as I thought TBH. Kinda F-16 meets MiG style. The stick looks like that old VKB Mamba funnily enough.
  3. Yeah, base is beyond the price I would pay for something so far unproven, but the grip does interest me.
  4. Oh wow only the first 100? Makes me feel a little special!:thumbup:
  5. IIRC the freebies were only for the pre-orders from the TM site. My pre-order was 11th June and had them.
  6. Not the whole mod (thought that was obvious given the line I actually quoted) but JUST the " incorrect sRGB gamma applied by the game" bit. Seems like something that really should have been caught by ED before now.
  7. Has this been reported to ED so they can actually fix it? Seems like this would be better for everyone and not just VR users.
  8. That, and the master mode switch (index finger button on TMWH nose) is now the recce event mark switch. But yeah, you have the same button count just different layout that would be a little awkward for the A-10C at least, as one of the hats (TMS/DMS/CMS/Trim) are going to have to be spread over multiple buttons rather than on one hat. Which one you spread out is of course up to you. That said the A-10C/F-16C that the original Warthog is based on have one of the more complicated HOTAS setups outside of stuff like the F-22/35. So at least for nearly all flight sim planes, even to DCS level they should provide more than enough buttons.
  9. She may not be finished quite yet, but boy does she look good!
  10. I mean, here in the UK it's only £9 more than a T50CM2 grip. T-50CM2; £170.96 (not including the shipping which is about 15 euros, comes to about £188 w/shipping) TM Hornet; £179.99 and has a free shipping option. The TM Warthog stick w/gimbal is £233.33. on Amazon right now. It's not THAT expensive here, and that's all with 20% VAT (tax)
  11. Looks like it's gonna be a fun weekend then, CV1 > Reverb is gonna be one hell of a jump!:joystick:
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