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  1. I’m surprised it still works! I haven’t had a chance to do anything to this script in a long time. I dont have anything setup for donations, but if you really want to make one, please support my squad - the link for which can be found in my sig.
  2. I believe it does. I seen it being used in a Facebook video just a few days ago. I haven’t had a chance to update it with the any new aircraft yet. I will hopefully get time to do some maintenance in the next week or two.
  3. The script actually pulls information from the radar units on what units it has 'detected'. As to why the F7 picture knows it's there and the script doesn't I couldn't tell you. Theoretically it should be using the same information. I haven't touched or even looked at this script in a long time, so it's possible it might be slightly broken with all the updates since I last looked at it. If I can find time, I'll try sit down and double check everything again sometime this month.
  4. My current workload is super high ATM and I've get next to no time to work on this script. That's a cool idea and I will look into it when I can. No promises on timeframe (expect it to be months).
  5. That should be fixed with the update released on Friday the 23rd.
  6. The client groups not accessible in multiplayer bug has been partially fixed. It works fine for client groups with only 1 aircraft but as soon as you add a second it causes the getGroup call to return nil.
  7. Is anyone having troubles with the F10 radio menus that are added via a script not showing up? Same mission, same script without it being changed, now the menu's only appearing for the F15 (of the 5 aircraft I've checked so far). Logging within the script shows the code is running and building the menus without any errors but they are just not showing up in the F10 Other menu. F10 menu items added via the ME seem to be working as per normal. EDIT: A little bit more info: Radio menus added using missionCommands.addSubMenuForGroup and missionCommands.addCommandForGroup. ME trigger add radio menu for all is working as expected. Server and client running radio menus from script are fine. Server and client running radio menus from script are not visible. Server running and client running radio menus from script not visible. Haven't tested a 60314 server with a 59992 client.
  8. I don't know if this will help or not - on your multiplayer server selection screen, at the top will be a red shield (I'm guessing it will be red cause you're failing the check), mouse over that and it will display what files are causing it to fail. Delete them files, run the repair again and see how that goes. Failing that, I guess a full reinstall is close to your only other option.
  9. TacView exports what a player is locking onto, this is visible with the dashed line extending from the aircraft, and is only available when the aircraft's sensors have actually 'locked' onto a target. Is it possible to get the location a sensor is pointing towards without actually being 'locked' onto a target?
  10. Hoggit page is back up. Check out MIST. You can place a late activated group and use their waypoints as a zone.
  11. Look at the post above yours. Fix is there.
  12. Hey Spud, During your travels and investigating don't forget to drop by the 16th Air Guards Regiment and give us a look in. Swing by our website at http://www.16agr.com and/or jump onto our TS if you have any questions. Cheers Steggles
  13. Has to be done via scripting as far as I'm aware. There's a few ways to go about it, but just as an example to put you on the right track. Create a unit for the player, create trigger with condition of unit in zone and select your zone and player unit, then action do script: (substitute Pilot #001 for what ever the pilot section is set as for your unit. It defaults to 'Pilot #xxx) trigger.action.outText(Unit.getByName('Pilot #001'):getPlayerName(),10) As I said this is just to show you how to get the players name. Depending on what you're trying to achieve and if it's for single player or multiplayer, it could be worthwhile checking if it's in the zone via the script as well. Edit: At work and typed this on my phone so I can't double check it works, but it should. I would also link the hoggit wiki for you to look at the unit functions but it seems to be down at the moment.
  14. http://lua-users.org/wiki/StringLibraryTutorial Look at the string.format() function. Something like this: trigger.action.outText("BRA: C130 " .. string.format("%03d",bearing) .. " degrees for " .. string.format("%8.1f",distance) .. " meters.",10) You can of course apply some maths to change meters to NM or KM etc before displaying as well if you wanted.
  15. Here you go. Make sure you set the PILOT names for the units in the editor. You will have to format the output too cause it has a heap of decimal places. function getBearing(obj1PosX, obj1PosZ, obj2PosX, obj2PosZ) local bearing = math.atan2(obj2PosZ - obj1PosZ, obj2PosX - obj1PosX) if bearing < 0 then bearing = bearing + 2 * math.pi end bearing = bearing * 180 / math.pi return bearing -- degrees end function getDistance(obj1PosX, obj1PosZ, obj2PosX, obj2PosZ) local xDiff = obj1PosX - obj2PosX local yDiff = obj1PosZ - obj2PosZ return math.sqrt(xDiff * xDiff + yDiff * yDiff) -- meters end local unit = Unit.getByName('C130') -- Set Pilot name (not group name) of the C130 in the editor to C130 local unitPos = unit:getPosition() local player = Unit.getByName('Player') -- Set Pilot name (not group name) of player slot to Player local playerPos = player:getPosition() local distance = getDistance(playerPos.p.x, playerPos.p.z, unitPos.p.x, unitPos.p.z) local bearing = getBearing(playerPos.p.x, playerPos.p.z, unitPos.p.x, unitPos.p.z) --bearing from playerPos to unitPos trigger.action.outText("BRA: C130 " .. bearing .. " degrees for " .. distance .. " meters.",10) Hint: If you want the units altitude too, its unitPos.p.y and its in meters
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