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  1. F-4E Phantom II Goes fast ☑ Fighter ☑ Attack ☑ SEAD ☑ Carrier Operations ☑ Radar ☑ American ☑ Modern ☐ Out on DCS ☐
  2. says who??? VEAO said they would not do an F-4 because of financial reasons, that does not mean that Belsimtek or LNS or even ED is not doing one. As for the A-4, I have not heard of any reasons as to why someone would not make one. anyways, nice idea for a carrier based F-86 :) (i love the comment about the 100kts headwind!)
  3. So the aircraft are probably going to be F-14, F-4U, and an A-6M Zero. all of which need carrier ops and new carrier models, soo... does this mean EDGE is coming very soon???
  4. I know everyone! we should get an Antonov AN-225!!! That would be the best plane ever! (and the biggest) :) Or something more reasonable: Boeing 747-800
  5. well, for one, I would not want to see belsimtek stop making aircraft to make a map. And for two, there have been several dozen wishlist threads about a Vietnam map (I myself have made several). And before we even make a Vietnam map, there have to be a few more aircraft like the: MiG-17/19, F-4 Phantom, A-1 skyraider, A-4 skyhawk, A-6 Intruder, AH-1 Huey Cobra, an updated B-52, and the F-105
  6. Revan

    F4 Phantom

    Sooo.... Is the project dead?
  7. Homeworld Remastered is now available on steam. Includes the original 2 Homeworld's, as well as fixed multiplayer for the originals.
  8. Nice pics by everyone! I have to ask, why do so many of these talented modders just keep their awesome mods for personal use and tease us with these screenshots??
  9. I don't see anything new on the DCS MiG-21 facebook page the newest thing I see is that they posted "meow"
  10. I know what we need! we need a B-58 supersonic bomber!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Convair_B-58_Hustler :)
  11. Woah! never seen that one before.
  12. I think that with it being so close to February, LNS should just go ahead and officially reveal the F-14 and the other two aircraft they are working on (hopefully a MiG-23/27 and an F-4).
  13. Looks awesome, I will have to get it.
  14. *Rant On* why why why does everyone seem to want an F-35, and an F-22????? they will not be made into a DCS module, at least, not for like 30 years, they are WAY too classified. *Rant Off*
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