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  1. I put the Bx7 on the periphery of the Bx8 point circle and if Bx8 is centered on the target(s), at least one of the missiles achieve the target.
  2. This specific maneuver is done always the same way and there's no possibility to control this behavior. Obvious solution in this situation is to switch weapon release mode from "SERIE" to "IMP", then put the second Bx7 slightly in offset to the first one, so the "fifteens" goes to the target from two different directions.
  3. This "swerve" is actually the maneuver that increases the probability of achieving the target by decreasing the flight track predictability in the final flight stage.
  4. Hello, I've just noticed, that in non-A/A mode, on the radar display, started to appear the radar centering indicator (?), but I can't find what specific mode and settings cause to appear it. This indicator is not the same as the one that appear in A/A mode, as it has only one horizontal line instead of three. Can anyone tell me please, what conditions cause to appear this indicator?
  5. How unfortunate! That's the only servers we fly on with my CP/G
  6. Can anyone please confirm if this issue is still valid?
  7. Hancer, as I saw, You're using the BotSay on Your servers that uses some kind of webhook. Try to disable it and restart server(s), then check if it changed the situation anyhow.
  8. Nope, It was shoot flying straight level to the target on the same altitude. Unfortunately, the track wasn't saved. EDIT: Tried to recreate it now, and indeed, shooting when climbing around +15 to +25 causes it.aim54_2.trk
  9. Yep, I've also noticed this issue yesterday.
  10. That was in MP. I have waited for my CP/G to get into the cockpit and completely load the cockpit to minimize probability of desync, but still this happened. Whole time when my CP/G was engaging the enemies, I was in cockpit.
  11. WPN page shows two Hellfires, while there's none of them available.
  12. May I ask for details about this one, please?
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