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  1. Currently with the DCS group that I am part of we log our flight hours manually so that our web site displays data such as flight duration, aircraft, departure/arrival ICAO etc etc. Having come from a background of FS9 & FSX there were several third party ACARS programs that could extract flight data from the sim and automatically log any data within a database on a web site. This made things very simple for all concerned. My question is aimed more to those that know what flight data is available as an export from DCS. Is there a definitive list of files etc that I would need to look at to connect to this data. There must be some sort of flight data available because LOTatc connects to DCS and displays real time movements. Hopefully someone can help
  2. cheers Grimes. I will get the lads to try this.
  3. Hi guys, We have recently started using SLmod on our server. One of the reason for using it is that we tend to run a high percentage of missions that have time critical elements to them. It does't matter how many times we tell people not to join the server, there is always that one who just does and in doing so he starts the mission timers which then messes the whole mission goals up. One of our members has used SLmod before and said there was a mission pause feature so that the mission is paused at start. We tried it last and all workd fine when an admin was in the pit, but as soon as someone else joined a slot, the mission un paused. The admin had to keep manually pausing the mission after each person joined so that once everyone was in the pit he could then release the mission. Is there any way that it can be setup so that when paused at start, it will stay paused no matter how many people join, and will have to be manually unpaused by an admin? Thanks Richard
  4. Cheers Jester. Where might I find file that so that I can test it locally on single player
  5. Hi guys, The issue with the BDU-33 is that in the real world on a firing range these small practice bombs emit a small amount of smoke on ground impact that lasts for approx 10 seconds. This burn time is purely for position identification so that an exact impact point can be found by triangulation from two spotting towers. However, in DCS, the smoke from a single bomb lasts for 5 minutes or so and has enough smoke volume to obscure the target area making it impossible to carry out another run until the smoke has subsided. Is there any way this could be toned down so that A)not such intense smoke and B) only lasts for say 20 seconds max. If you are not able to code this as I guess it would be a really low priority, could you point me at the appropriate lua file that needs editing and what part of said file to edit. Thanks Richard
  6. I fly on the very same server that Dave is trying to connect to and I currently use Starways Black Sea map with no issues. I was on there last night with the rest of the gang. That is until I got shot down. That points to it NOT being a map texture issue.
  7. TBH guys I find the Hawk not too bad at all regards trim as after all, this little bird is not really designed to be flown straight and level for any great length of time. It is designed for training basic combat maneuvers in a jet where if you fly straight and level you are dead. Yes there are times when a bit of steady flight is useful but is easy to sort out with a bit of trim/throttle use. PMan, I have flown the T2 sim at RAF Valley, and can assure the guys on here that trimming that baby can be a real handful at times, and that is with systems rather more advanced that the T1a Keep up the good work boys
  8. We already have three versions running on our server at the same time. Okay, they are 2.0, 1.5 release and 1.5 beta and all seems good with that as it is now. I guess that due to DCS 2.0 having the T4 graphics engine it will be more memory hungry than either 1.5 versions so if we are able to get three instances of 2.5 running side by side, each using a different map I can see that we may be using more memory than current, but until we are able to try it no one really knows what the drop is likely to be, if any. Currently our DCS servers are consistently near the top of ED's server list as regards ping rate so we must be doing something right with the setup so I guess it will be a suck it and see situation once 2.5 is released. I have all fingers crossed. It may well be that this plan will not work and all server hosting groups will be stuck with using one map at a time, which really would be a step back as regards opening up DCS multiplayer to the wider community once the new maps are released. Lets wait and see what comes out in the wash though
  9. Thank you Buzzels. I will give that a go when I get five mins. Does seem like a possible method though. Will look at that map Doctor
  10. Hi guys, looking good with the Normandy stuff. Well done. I am hoping that Wags or someone will have some sort of answer to the following. I am part of a group that have a dedicated flight DCS flight server that is both for our use and public use. Currently with the three versions of DCS (1.5, 1.5 beta and 2.0) we are able to have all three running at the same time on our server. This is absolutely fantastic as it gives loads of options throught the week. When everything is brought up to the same T4 standard and all running under the 2.5 banner what will be the options for people like us as DCS community server hosts? Obviously I understand that for a pilot to see and asset pack stuff, they will have to have them installed locally as well. No issue with that. Once the flight server is running 2.5, will ALL maps be active at the same time so that we could have missions created that allow people to fly on the same server but in different parts of the DCS world or will it be a case of only ONE map will be able to have active at a time? If 2.5 will only be able to have one map running at a time, is there any way that we would be able to run 3 instances of 2.5 on our server so that we could then effectively have all three maps running at the same time and pilots could join whichever session they require? Any input would be welcome. Thanks guys Richard
  11. You are a star bud. That worked a treat. I owe you a pint.:drink:
  12. After doing the new update this morning DCS2 will not start. I have done 2 repairs and have tried starting it from both the normal exe and the updater exe in the Bin folder. Logs state the following:- === Log opened UTC 2016-02-27 09:49:08 00000.000 INFO VFS: Using 'Saved Games': "C:\Users\Richard\Saved Games" 00000.004 INFO DCS: DCS/ (x86_64; Windows/6.1.7601) 00000.004 INFO DCS: CPU cores: 2, System RAM: 12274 MB 00000.014 INFO EDCORE: (dDispatcher)enterToState_:0 00000.029 INFO Dispatcher: 2016/2/27 09:49 V1508170900 00000.080 INFO INPUT: Device created Keyboard 00000.167 INFO INPUT: Device created Saitek X52 Pro Flight Controller {F82901C0-AD64-11e5-8005-444553540000} 00000.168 INFO INPUT: Joystick created[saitek X52 Pro Flight Controller {F82901C0-AD64-11e5-8005-444553540000}], ForceFeedBack: no 00000.559 INFO SOUND: loaded 1083 sdefs from "sounds\sdef" 00000.690 INFO SOUND: Using driver: xaudio27 00000.695 INFO SOUND: XAudio2: Using device ID:'{}.{6ff67b84-51c6-48d9-9dea-a109a56249a7}' Name:'Speakers (2- Raptor HS40)', channels: 2 00000.707 INFO SOUND: XAudio2: channel layout: Headphones/Stereo 00000.708 INFO SOUND: Using SSE FTZ/DAZ mode. 00001.317 ALERT DCS: Error running Scripts/Database/db_main.lua: [string "Scripts/Database/scripts/utils.lua"]:31: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil) Obviously it looks like a db_main issue. I even removed the one in there after the update. Did a repair so that it installed a new one. Same issue. Any ideas guys or am I looking at a full re-install?
  13. Great news Chris. Really looking forward to seeing the results of all the work you guys have been doing. Sent from my HTC One mini using Tapatalk
  14. Yes I am a Hawk owner, and yes the delays are rather frustrating. That said, when I parted with my money I knew I was buying a 'work in progress' version. I was happy with that as I felt that the greater the number of Hawks out there would give VEAO better feedback. From their perspective, the goal posts have been moved several times with how their bird needs development for integration into DCS World versions. The version that the Hawk was originally intended for is long gone. Every software developer, VEAO, Microsoft, Apple and even good old Eagle Dynamics put stuff out before it should really be put out in the belief that it will get tested to death in situations that it is intended. This is the cheapest and most efficient method of bug finding. We all get frustrated by this approach but it will never change so accept it. In defence of the OP, I personally think he chose the wrong words with that Nazi stuff. He really prob meant it to be an over zealous censorship thing for some posts. Sent from my HTC One mini using Tapatalk
  15. It is good up there Chris. Had a looksie at the 360 degree T2 motion simulator but there was a student about to fly it so only managed a sit in it. Had I been a couple of hours earlier I would have managed a blast in that too. Now that baby is stunning. Next time.
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