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  1. Nevermind. I solved it. It was my new Thrustmaster Warthog trolling me. I had APU start rocker in forward position, which changed tank fuel setting from MW to regular fuel unnoticed right at the start of mission. It killed the engine in several minutes.
  2. Hello everyone, I keep encountering same strange engine behaviour over and over again after like 3 minutes of being airborne. Maybe someone will help me, because I am running out of ideas. I am no rookie in DCS and maybe two-three weeks ago everything worked as it should. After like 3 minutes of flight, my engine just shutoff with no apparent reason. Propeller keeps spinning, manifold pressure reacts to throttle, but the engine does not respond and cannot be restarted. I am running out of ideas why. Temperatures are allright, pressures allright. ATA about 1.2 (or under) in cruise level flight. I do not make any wild throttle inputs and I do not stress engine at takeoff (like 1.3-1.4 ATA). I have my prop pitch on auto. I tried flight with MW boost, without MW boost. I tried it in cold start mission, tried in hot start mission, tried to properly heat the engine prior to takeoff. I tried to turn off the battery after TO (someone recommended). I triple checked controls for some mistakes. Nothing. I went into mission editor to check out the fuel quantity and possihle preset failures. Also with no result. I take off and engine shuoff after about 3 minutes. Every time the same story. Two weeks ago everything was working well. And I fly 109 quite regularly. And as far as I remember, this occured at my FW190 first. Does anyone have an idea what is going on?
  3. But it is also nothing impossible. Understanding lua driven scripts is quite easy once you get enough information. I would not consider myself even a noob programmer and I have my WIP mod with clickable cockpit, SFM and all lua driven. SFM is not the best model, but on the other hand, lua driven devices provides a lot of possibilities. Try to find as many code samples you can. It helps a lot. Your gear up/down code will work as you mentioned, but will not draw animation. You will need to add animation loop like gear_state = gear_state+0.2 SetCommand function and if scripts in --notes can be used. I will send you some sample in PM, if I won't forget. You probably just have some mistake in clickable code.
  4. This way: http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=151793
  5. You must use visibility animation with argument number 114 (if I remember it correctly) for your external cockpit. Value 0 is visible, value 1 hidden. Game will handle the animation automatically when you have human cockpit model present. Try some searches. There are loads of info about modding in these parts.
  6. EDIT: I solved this using dispatch action. Maybe I was just confused by using variable name in it. Command defs value of the defined keyboard command reacts fine. It is just raw code without any systems checks. If anyone were interested: Command_defs line is iCommandLeftEnginesStart= 311, --Keyboard command name and engine start command value from Export.lua systemname.lua working code is local m701c = GetSelf() local update_time_step = 0.1 make_default_activity(update_time_step) local sensor_data = get_base_data() local iCommandLeftEnginesStart= 311 -- I think this variable is not necessary local Button_10 = 3010 -- I think this variable is not necessary m701c:listen_command(3010) --Command value of engine start clickable start=0 function SetCommand(command,value) if command==3010 then start=1 end end function update() if start>0 then dispatch_action(nil,311) end end
  7. Hello, Is it possible to send a key command (or whatever else command) from Av Lua device in my cockpit systems? And how? I.E. iPlaneEngineStart (Not sure I wrote it right) What should I declare in command_defs.lua and in the systemname.lua? I am searching and searching and it is still not clear to me. Just a little hint would help me a lot. I already understand everything I need by now (clickables, listening commands, sending arg values, params...) except how to send a command from device.
  8. Hello, I wonder if it is possible to animate certain map amount. In example, I have material with diffuse and self illuminating map. I want to animate visibility of the illuminating map. It would be handy in making instruments lightting. I already tried it with Arg based visibility in Curve editor, which I added as a controller at illuminating map amount. It is even able to add animation visibility frames when I try to animate it in viewport and material editor. But Model Viewer already showed me that it is not going to work properly. Maybe I made some mistake. Do you have some experience with this, or can you point me in some direction? I have no exact idea how cockpit instrument lights are made. Should I rather go for either duplicating objects or learn something about multi layered textures?
  9. Systems and flight modelling should be very different. But speaking of 3D model, the level of detail is the only thing that prevents you to port a model into DCS - if it is not in sufficient quality. Texture unwrap works the same, animation changes are done quite fast. As long as you have source data, it is quite easy to export model into whatever you want. Maybe there is some additional work with damage model or so. I really don't know how this works in FS.
  10. I am surprised that so many members are excited like if Harrier is going to be released tomorrow. RAZBAM didn't even say they refreshed development of it for DCS! I doubt it will ever come into DCS. The developer was pretty annoying with its 6 or so announced modules. Every new forum member was like: "Eeeeh, loook, we are gonna have Harrier, Corsair, F-15E..." Then they went angry as hell when they realized that the development is dead. Over and over again the same story, questions and no replies. It has nothing to do with the other developers and I don't want to compare them. But agree, VEAO have also ability to make people upset.
  11. Yes, I have. It is in progress with no deadline. And what do you think about Harrier? RAZBAM have very, very bad history in DCS community and I am surprised that it looks like everyone forgot it.
  12. Screenshot does not make module. Let's remind RAZBAM Harrier history. Harrier was announced maybe three years ago, had its own thread here on forum and it was deleted maybe a year ago because of community anger and no progress. I don't believe it will ever be released into DCS. Maybe yes, but RAZBAM will not be a part of it. RAZBAM works mainly on FSX modules and after 3 or 4 years of their licensed developer status there is no released aircraft, not even close to release. But yes, ooooooh, they keep DCS in mind. Let me tell you something. Me too. :pilotfly:
  13. Unfortunately, this will not let you to procceed to next mission, because you played only the record :) But Leatherneck, why we must fly the first (or the second version of it) over and over again when we die? I was always pretty frustrated when there were extremely difficult missions or not enough tested missions in campaign. This is even worse scenario.
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